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Table of Context

PG 1 Table of Context
PG 2 Introduction
PG 2 History
PG 2 Mission Statement
PG 2 Strategy for Inception
PG 3 Business to Business Implementation
PG 3 Business Benefits
PG 3 Financial Goals
PG 4 Customer Segmentation
PG 5-6 S.W.O.T. Analysis/Recommendations
PG 7-8 Conclusion
PG 8 Sources

Society today is filled with overwhelming stressors and a cynical media that bombard people daily. For many, the local gym has become the ritual and place to go sweat your heated temperament away; however for some growth seeking beings yoga and meditation is the preferred method to clear your head and find some inner peace.
Over the last ten years yoga and meditation has jumped amazingly out into the mainstream as people have become more health conscious and focused on self-improvement. Yoga and meditation has been around for thousands of years and there’s no doubt will be for thousands more. The main challenge of building a yoga and meditation center is not the lack of business that is generated in the beginning, but it’s the sustainability that most owners find is the determining factor for success. People need innovation, they welcome change, especially individuals that are growth seeking. For them change is good, change represents evolution and discovery. Align Yoga and Meditation will represent that change, as the ever evolving center for self-growth and personal improvement.
Mission statement: Align Yoga and Meditation Center is passionate about, educating and enabling individuals to improve their physical, mental and emotional health while deepening their relationship with a higher power.
As a company we recognize the three core business types, product innovation, customer relations management and infrastructure management. Using only one business…...

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