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When you are planning to be a successful project manager this will demand that the projects meets all technical objectives that must be completed on schedule and within their budget. To have a success and efficient project control system you must designed, and develop an implemented to provide management with timely and accurate information on deviations of cost and time, parameters from the target objectives established during the planning cycle of the project.
Earned value management is used for an efficient project planning and also a control approach which will provide cost and schedule performance measurements. Value management helps compare actual accomplishment actual accomplishment of schedule work that associates with cost against integrated schedule and budget plan. In addition the benefits are early warning systems of cost schedule problems and visibility into the true progress of a project work against the budget. EVM is considered to be one of the most powerful and productive technique utilized in managing today’s complex projects and private or commercial and even government environment.
The work packages are an important part of supporting the creation and in using the work breakdown structure because without it there is no way of telling what the sub deliverable level of a WBS includes. The work packages would include the start and finish date of each point, a budget for each section if needed and it helps to keep track of what has been done and what still needs to be done (Filicetti, 2011).
An example of just how important a work package is important to a work breakdown structure is a wedding planner is planning an event for their client and in their WBS they only wrote out the first level (which stated the type of event), the second level (which was the planning, meal, staff, etc.), but the project manager failed to list the work packages and…...

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