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Workplace flexibility for hourly lower-wage employees the necessities of work-life balance strategies: * A study using data from the 2002 National Study of the Changing Workplace implies that employees with greater access to temporal forms of flexible work options report less stress, fewer work absences, and fewer tardiness incidents (Halpern, 2005)
This study was conducted in collaboration with a Fortune 100 retail firm. The firm operates over 6200 stores in 38 states in US.
Six primary forms of flexible work practices were identified from managers’ interview. 1. Schedule preference * Permitting employees to have some choice into the times and days that they are scheduled to work. * Within this context, managers suggested two practices: a. Preference for specific days, shifts, or hours. This option allows workers to coordinate their work schedule with their off-the-job responsibilities, such as working another job, attending classes, and providing care to a loved one or fix work schedules with those of other family members. b. Preference for a set, routine schedule. This allows employees to work the same shifts or same days each week, enabling them to have predictability in their jobs.

2. Preplanned Schedule Modification
This practice gives employees the opportunity to request that they not be scheduled for a particular day or shift prior to the creation of the weekly schedule. It is good for employees to request 2 weeks before.

3. Just-in-time schedule change
This practice permits employees to request a modification to the existing schedule. Just-in-time schedule change requires that employees work closely with store supervisors and often their coworkers as well. There are two ways: a. Employee-generated schedule coverage.
This allows an employee to have his or her shift covered by another…...

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...Dissertation Draft “Work/Life Balance” PREPARED BY: Mbogo .W.A (Moi) © 2011 Abstract This study is used to determine the cultural readiness of employers and employees for work/life initiatives. There are strategies that have been used to evaluate the importance of work life balance and culture through considering the perceived managerial support that affects the employee’s decision to devote time for family and the job. It has been observed that organizational time puts a lot of emphasis through time demands and expectations that may distort or interfere with family responsibilities. In this study, the main focus is to identify how work life balance and family benefits are merged and translated to the benefits that workers get that are translated to greater commitments, reduced work/family conflicts, and reduced intention to leave. The study results will be used to confirm the issue of work life initiatives, such as the work/family culture that is related to work attitudes as well as perceived managerial supports that are linked with less intention to move away from work places. Furthermore, this research will study the work/life balance and its implications on both for men and women, focusing on the differences in marital status and managerial positions to understand the relationship between gender, managerial level and work/life balance. The paper aims at exploring the idea of work/life balance that incorporates the benefits that both employers and......

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