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Women Leadership in Healthcare

For decades women have served in the healthcare industry as the back bone of healthcare. They continue to work in all areas but have been given few opportunities to take leadership roles in healthcare organizations. This paper explores some of the reasons why women are circumvented in leadership roles and how women can be better prepared to lead in their organizations. The research concluded that women are effective leaders in comparison to their male counter parts.

Leadership is an important concept in healthcare. It can simply be acknowledged as the ability to achieve a goal by using imagination, skill, relevant theory, and concepts that are supposed to lead an organization to success. The research conducted for this paper clearly demonstrates that women are an integral part of the ever changing healthcare domain as it relates to leadership. The need for gender diversity in leadership positions is critical for many organizations, especially in healthcare (Virick & Greer, 2012). Despite the fact that leadership is a complex social role, that arises from the actions to effect others in their roles, women can carry out such duties in the same manner, or even better than their male counterparts. (Fealy, McNamara, Casey, Geraghty, Butler, Halligan & Johnson, 2011). Historically, women have been underrepresented in leadership roles in all aspect of healthcare. As the trend of delivering care continues to change in the 21st century, the need for more women leaders cannot be ignored. Women are the majority in providing healthcare services (Kutscher, Landen, & Zigmond, 2013). For this reason, it is prudent to have women fully represented in all leadership roles and discussions in healthcare. The presence of women in these roles will lead to better policies and laws legislated by congress because they can better…...

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