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In the Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, the main protagonist, Dorothy, is portrayed as a selfless, kind girl, but if you begin to read between lines, it will become more clear that Dorothy only helps others to conquer her personal fears, she unintentionally improves the land of Oz and while her friends go out of their way to help her she only helps them a scarce amount of times in meaningless ways.

To begin with, Dorothy realises that she has to make her journey alone, she is fearful. In land of the Munchkins, Dorothy pleads with the Witch of the North, “to go with (her)”. Alas the Witch cannot do that so she gives “Dorothy her kiss … no one will … injure a person who has … (received) a kiss” from the Witch of the North, for the power of good is far stronger than the power of evil. Unfortunately, she doesn’t succeed in gaining companionship with the Queen, but she accepts the companionship of the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Woodman. Dorothy is not alone anymore and her new friends prove to be quite helpful in diminishing the fears she has.

Furthermore, When Dorothy arrives in the Land of Oz, she is greeted as a sorceress by the Witch of the North. Dorothy denies title of a sorceress. She explains to the Witch “... (she) is an innocent, harmless little girl…” who never in her life has killed anyone or anything in her life. If Dorothy could choose to “…kill the powerful Witch…” by herself and not get anything out of it what do you think she would do? All of the joy and excitement that Dorothy makes happen in the Land of Oz is for one reason only, so that she can get back to Kansas as soon as possible and continue living her once happy life with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry.

Finally, When Dorothy makes her first friend, the scarecrow, he guides her “…when (she) is stumbling along in the darkness…”, he also helps her find a nice dwelling where she can…...

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