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Book report: Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid is a novel about a girl named Taylor Jane Simon. She’s an 18 year old girl with Asperger’s Syndrome which is a form of autism. When she finds out that she has to move to Prince Albert National Park for the summer with her mom, she freaks out because she hates change. The vacation has been planned so Taylor’s mom can spend time with her current boyfriend, Danny. Her summer doesn’t end up being so bad after all, Taylor gets her first job in a pizza restaurant that her mom’s boyfriend Danny runs. Taylor would rather stay at home in Saskatoon, but since she suffers from autism, she can’t stay on her own. Taylor’s mom encourages her to find out the park’s possibilities on her own. For Taylor, whose life has always been limited because of her sickness, this means meeting new people and being more social which she’s never done before on her own. There is also a possibility of a boyfriend but Taylor is still not quite sure how to find one and doesn’t know what that may involve. Taylor sets goals and makes a daily routine that includes going to the nature center and walking on the beach 7 times. Taylor becomes very interested in nature and plants. She ends up getting a job at the nature center, where she is respected for her knowledge and very good memory. By the end of the novel she goes out of her comfort zone by living away from home, getting her first job, and making new friends gave her more confidence. She feels better and less scared about college and having a good social life, and feels more in control and independent of her…...

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