Why Might the Supernatural Be Part of Everyday Life? Why Did the Church Encourage These Views?

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During the Tudor period in history, the church was a major part of almost everybody’s lives in England. In this time, the church and religion filled every aspect of your life. This is because church organizations provided hospital care, medicines, care for orphans, education and safe lodgings for travelers in the monasteries and convents. Churches were present in small towns and villages so it became a center point of everyone’s lives. By being in such close range to everyone and providing all these facilities to them, the church kept great control. Part of the reason the church maintained such good control is through fear. The fear of the less educated people in the town kept the church popular and very wealthy. The church encouraged any fear or gossip throughout the towns of the supernatural.

The Supernatural was part of everyday life during the Tudor period, as the church had a major role in people’s lives and they would let rumours and gossip circulate in the towns as a method of control. Supernatural happenings were very common in this time because they claimed finding lost possessions, recovery from sickness and resumption of egg-laying from hens to be a saintly intervention. These were all proclaimed as miracles and this was a very regular occurrence. The church let these rumours and gossip stay in circulation because it mixed ‘supernatural happenings’ and religious beliefs together. This kept everyone under control, the church rich whilst still confirming people’s belief of what the church taught.

Delving further into my last point, the less educated people and normal townspeople could not distinguish very well between religious rituals/beliefs and supernatural/superstition because of gossip and fear throughout the town. The church kept a well-maintained authority all over England without the people even realizing. This is because the people only knew…...

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