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[QUOTE=AllHailKurama;14710009]Question: when you say Naruto lost twice, are you counting the time they were both 3 and Naruto got pinned down? There's no way that counts as one...and also I don't remember Naruto ever saying he couldn't beat Sasuke, Naruto only ever aknowledged that Sasuke was strong.

And you could use the entire war arc as evedince that Naruto could beat Sasuke...[/QUOTE]

Naruto sole purpose the entire series has been to "Catch up with sasuke" his reasoning for training was so he could be able to catch up with sasuke, or have enough strength to save him. Fact of the matter still stands that throughout the entire series naruto has never been superior to sasuke up until the point where naruto received chakra from tailed beast 1-7, and BSM. Even so, naruto is still only slightly superior than sasuke simply from that massive chakra reserves from Kurama, partial from the other 7 tailed beast and the destructive force from Bijuu damas.

When I say naruto lost twice i'm referring to the fight at final valley, and the first time they encountered sasuke in shippuden at orochimaru hideout. But I can post a 100 scans if need be that indicate that sasuke has been far superior to naruto the entire series part 1 and part 2.

Zabuza fight this was obvious whilst he was fighting and covering for naruto.

Is was obvious sasuke abilities far exceeded naruto once he obtain the sharigan as he was able to impress one of the most powerful, knowledgeable, and strongest people in the anime orochimaru. Once he learned chidori and was single handily able to beat gaara with out a scratch just proves how far sasuke surpassed him in that short amount of time. It wasn't tell temari and kankuro had to grab gaara and fly him off because his injury was so bad or sasuke would of finished…...

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