What Are Three Main Factors We Should Consider When Making Our Food Choices?

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What are three main factors we should consider when making our food choices?

Food choice? What decides what we eat? Some people think that taste alone is the deciding factor for what they eat. Is this so? In reality, there are a lot of things to consider first, for example a persons religion, is it healthy, and can I afford it. So really “what to eat” is more of a cautious and conscious decision than a random one. Let us talk a little bit more about the choices that we make consciously and subconsciously regarding our food.

The first factor we are going to consider is religion. When deciding food possibilities, Religion, along with culture, plays a big role in making the decision for what people are allowed to eat. In some countries and for some people it’s alright to eat beef, but for other people eating meat from a cow is a sin. Cultural and religious beliefs differ from one religion to another depending on the belief structure. Take Christianity for example, some Christians, have several feast and fast days during a year, and may fast from meat on particular days. Another example is the jewish religion, which has very structured dietary obligations. During the Passover feast every year jews are not allowed to eat bread containing yeast (leven) amongst other restrictions. In the Islamic religion all meat must be “HALAL” in other words, meat slaughtered in the prescribed way according to the shariah. This is a small example of how religion can influence what we eat. Many other religions around the world also play a major part in the dietary intake of its followers.

The second factor we are going to consider is health. While everything we eat may not be entirely healthy, that doesn't mean we are all going to become overweight. Eating healthy is important to human life. On the other hand, if all we put in our stomachs was…...

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