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When Cheryl Smith, arrived to WestJet as the new CIO, the CEO to advise whether or not the company had an adequate IT infrastructure, the statement that CEO said was; “I’m not sure if we have great IT…or otherwise” (Munro, M., & Khan, S. 2013). The aspects of the WestJet IT situation that Cheryl Smith assess in order to respond to the CEO's concern, was what they had in place along with assessment that was just done. Cheryl Smith assesses what IBM study had on WestJet, along with knowledge that CEO gave her before coming aboard. From this information IBM stated to establish a PMO (project management office) Cheryl was concern on the expenses that would be used to establish a PMO so she asked to place it on hold.

If I was to summarize and critique Smith's assessment, I would have to first agree with her initial request to stop and place on hold the PMO ideal. The first thing that Cheryl did was to determine budget and resources available to her. Next she compared the number of IT experts to WestJet IT cost. I would have done the same this would have gave me a clear picture of what I have to work with, and what I can use to develop an IT department.

Some of the biggest changes in IT at WestJet that were essential and that allowed Smith's governance model to enable WestJet to achieve its strategic goal, was re-structuring staff. By moving experiences personal in to leadership roles and moving out manger and supervisor with no knowledge in IT out of the department. I believe by using the strengths of each employee will always lead to achievement of goals. Half of 240 IT staff were reassigned within IT to concentrate on specific business areas (Munro, M., & Khan, S. (2013).

The lessons I learned based on the experiences at WestJet would be that sometime it is best to get outside help to few your departments to give a fresh perspective on a company. The way this…...

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