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Week 5 Fiscal Policy Eco/372

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Week five Fiscal Policy Paper

* Depending on the time, the economy can have many financial stages. There are times when the economy is facing a budget deficit, which means the tax revenues in the government are lower than the government expenditures. The economy can also experience a surplus and high debt, which can also drain an economy. The state of our government can affect people from taxpayers, to the elderly who are collecting social security, to children needing medical and governmental benefits for their well-being. The government debt situation can be either an advantage to the population by lowering taxes, or a disadvantage by making taxes higher. * To know how taxpayers, future Social Security and Medicare users, and unemployed individuals are affected by the U S.’s deficit, surplus, and debt. It is important to understand the definitions of deficit, surplus and debt. Surplus occurs when there is more supply than demand, as in extra resources. Deficits occur when a government's expenditures exceed the revenue that it generates. Debt is an amount owed to another person or government in economics. * Taxpayers can benefit from a budget surplus. A surplus can create a reduction in the tax rate which leads to a higher consumer’s savings rate. The less taxes that consumers have to pay allows spending or savings in other areas. An increase in national savings (reduction in tax rate) also creates additional money that can be available for banks to lend. The more money banks have to lend competitively, consumers purchase items at lower interest rates and support stimulation in the economy. * Deficits can cause a cloud over the taxpayers. The bills need to be paid, and it will fall on the taxpayer to assist in lowering the debts. Armed with the idea that taxes will be raised to pay down debts is not a comforting thought. Wondering…...

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...and may really be great for an overall economy particularly if an economy is in an economic downturn because it results in the economy is growing. Moreover, if one is to look at government debt they may observe that government debt is generally internal and it is owed to the government's citizens and doesn't necessarily have to be paid back. Personal debt is what I see as blocking an overall economy with the latest illustration of the housing industry. Basically, people went so far into debt that they couldn't afford what they signed an agreement for thus negatively effecting every aspect of the housing economy till it was gravely crippled which dominoes into many people losing jobs and also the issue drastically increased. Week 5 DQ2 Ch. 31 – Politics, Deficits, and Debt What do you believe is the solution to the Social Security crisis? Why do you think reforms have not been implemented despite the consensus that the program is unstable? Do you believe that Social Security benefits will be available to you when you are ready to retire? What other means of retirement savings do you expect will support you when you retire? A solution to the Social Security turmoil appears to elude the U.S. government since nobody within the government appears to wish to face down the issue and make a difficult decision just like the book says. The book makes a few recommendations to assist curtail the turmoil by finding methods to enhance output of existing......

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