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...It is evident that the poem “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks (1960) is a group of school age kids that are living on the “edge” so to speak. They leave school to go play pool, drink, and just be carefree with no concern of their education or their safety. Brooks (1960) used the words, “We Sing sin. We Die soon” which implies that they will die at an early age because of the life style they live it suggest they are living day by day on the street. The tone and irony are two literary devices used in this poem. The tone in the beginning is somewhat uplifting, but then quickly becomes saddened at the end when death is suggested. The other would be irony which is used many times throughout the poem. Brooks (1960) uses “SEVEN AT THE GOLDEN SHOVEL”, to set the scene of the poem. The word seven and golden usually implies lucky and money. The irony used: a pool hall would not normally be golden, it is usually very dark and a shovel usually brings hard work to mind and they are using a pool stick that doesn’t require any hard work. Just fun and games. The literary devices chosen implied that they have no real direction in their lives and no concern what so ever of their education or even themselves. Listening to the poem read aloud gives a whole different meaning in my thoughts and is so beneficial. Gwendolyn Brooks gives an introduction of the reading before she reads the poem aloud and explains why she wrote the poem. She saw these boys in passing of a pool...

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...Elements of sound can be described as devices that are used by poets to reinforce meaning and themes into poetry. Poets can use sound devices such as alliteration, the repetition of two or more consonant sounds in successive words in a line of a verse or prose (Kennedy and Gioia, 2052) or rime, which is when two or more words that contain identical or similar vowel sound (Kennedy and Gioia, 2074). In the two pieces “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks and “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke the poets use a combination of rime, rhythm and meter to get the poem’s meaning across. The poem “We Real Cool” uses rhythm, the pattern of stresses and pauses in a poem, to get across the poet Gwendolyn Brooks’ theme. “We Real Cool” is about a group of boys that should be in school but decide to skip to go do something that is considered “cool”. Brooks uses an imitative tone while simultaneously, questioning of a group of the boys in a pool hall’s lives. Questions come up like “What are they doing here?” and “Shouldn’t they be in school?” but the bigger question is how do they feel about their lives. The poem implies the message that the boys in this pool hall are unhappy with their everyday lives, so they feel the need to pretend to be something else, something “cooler”. By using certain elements of sound Brooks shows the readers that she believes that these boys in the pool hall are trying to be something they are not. The poem also gives the reader a feeling of nostalgia. It brings......

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... outweighs the value of prolonging the dispute, or perhaps to allow staff to develop and learn from experience (Thomas, op.cit.). In some respects avoidance resembles accommodation. Accommodation at Don’t use ibid and op cit. Writer could have moved ‘Graham’ to position of ibid. Thomas should be given full citation to avoid reader having to refer back. least acknowledges that a conflict exists, though, whereas avoiding a conflict implies a refusal to deal it. It is not a strategy to be used readily because if the dispute has any substance then suppressing it will simply make things worse (Allred, 1987). Indeed there are probably only two instances where it is of use. First, if the conflict is trivial or secondly in order to let people cool down and allow the manager to assess the situation calmly (McGurn, 1990). Compromise has been described as a lose-lose strategy and yet still holds wide currency as an effective conflict resolution strategy (Graham, 1998). It is most likely where the conflicting parties carry equal weight and is a trade-off, with each making concessions but neither achieving its original aims. It is for this reason that the lose-lose tag applies - the conflict has not been resolved because differences are not fully explored and each side generally seeks to concede as little as possible (ibid.). Nevertheless, as a fall-back position or as a means of creating a temporary settlement to allow time for a more collaborative solution to be found, compromise can...

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...life because I love to stay active and fit, so when the sport seasons follow through I’m out there every day either playing soccer or another type of sport. While staying focus on being fit, eating is also an important attribute that I need to follow. These sacrifices besides playing soccer, relate me closest to the vocation of an athlete. I see myself in the present and future not involving work that would relate to be sitting in an office job, or a job that requires you to either write or study a lot, for example, mortgage broker, lawyer. Instead, I enjoy working with hands on projects that involve more skills then thinking and investigating jobs. Such as, Heating & Air this involves installing furnaces and sheet metal to heat and cool the house. It strictly focuses on more of the labour hands on idea which I enjoy because I’m used to working hard physically and have experience from working with dad. Being athletic and hands on variety type of person can explain and give a very good explanation and idea of who I strictly am....

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