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Green connexions:
The important thing that every individual should think is optimal use of non-renewable resources. For a country like India the growth of population is very high which proportionately increases the usage of energy. So it is necessary to educate the people on the harsh environmental impact of modern living. If we come up with small, creative and affordable changes which decreases the usage of non-renewable energy we can make our planet Green. Many countries started implementing alternate ways like solar power, wind power etc which is good initiative to other countries. Other important phenomenon we have to think are waste management and water management. These things forced me to apply your company. I’m enthusiastic about listening to music and playing volley ball. In my Engineering I did a project on exergy analysis on gas turbine power plant (exergy of a system is the maximum useful work possible during the process that brings the system in to equilibrium). This project deals with How to increase the efficiency of the system with the same input of power. I participated in the green technology work shop which was conducted in my college. I had 1year work experience in prawn feed manufacturing unit during this job I have seen so many changes in the system. When I joined in this company there were no waste collecting bins, no proper greenery, no standing fans to the workers working near the boiler, but after the pollution audit by senior government employee all those things were implemented in the factory which changed the mind-set of workers. In my home town there is a factory known as Andhra sugars ltd (chemicals manufacturing unit) recently they started implementing solar plates which generates 30% of the power they consume. What I observed is industrialists and the people who are at high…...

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