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The Municipality of Gonzaga has a beautiful spot which is the famous “Wanagag River” the cleanest river in the region 2 and a consistent finalist in the National search for the cleanest inland body of waters, they decided to develop the area to promote it locally and nationally because of it site potential.
The municipality of Gonzaga is a 1st class income municipality with a population of 36, 303 and have a total land area of 56, 743 has. and has IRA (Internal Revenue Allotment) of 89, 654, 247 pesos. In accordance with the MPDC (Municipal Planning Department Council) of Gonzaga, designate the area as “General Urban Area” and “Leisure Area” with a “Major Open Space” designation applying to the Wangag River and a “Natural Features” applying to two large woodlots, in short a riverfront/waterfront community development.
Water is one of the most important of all the natural resources necessary to ensure human health and civilization. In general, a waterfront is the zone of interaction between urban developments and the water and a waterfront area is considered as a unique and irreplaceable resource where it is the interface between land, water, air, sun and productive plants (Wrenn, 1983). Moreover, Zhang (2002) characterized the waterfront as a place integrating land with water and having a natural attraction to people. In fact, the seashore…...

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