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Walnut Venture Associates: Case Questions (HAND-IN)

(1)Angel investors are affluent individuals who provide capital(money) for a business start-up. Angel investors usually receive convertible debt or ownership equity in return for their investment. Angel investors are different from venture capitalists since angels typically invest their own funds meanwhile venture capitalists manage pooled money of others in a professionally-managed fund. There are 2 forces exacerbating the trend towards the prominence of angel investing which include the fact that a generation of entreprenuers had “cashed out” and were looking to utilize their wealth and expertise by investing in start-ups, and that venture capitalists usually deployed capital in larger amounts that $1 million or below.

An entrepreneur would seek financing from an Angel because Angels not only have the money to help finance the company, but they also have knowledge and experience that is very helpful to start-ups. The experience and track record of Angels (who usually have started their own company, served as a CEO, etc) is an asset that can’t be matched by a venture capitalist. Part of the reason of this again is because the Angel investor is investing his or her own money, something that will truly incentivize the Angel do to everything in his or her power to make the company succeed. 1) What is your first impression about the RBS opportunity based on the business plan?
My first impression about the RBS opportunity based on the business plan is that it looks like a very promising investment. RBS has a very detailed business plan that outlines the long-term goals of the company and also includes the previous successes that is has seen. The market is growing at a fast rate, and it seems as if RBS has truly established a competitive advantage over its competitors, which is something that is extremely…...

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...Harvard Business School 9-899-097 Rev. November 19, 1998 Walnut Venture Associates (D): RBS Deal Terms It was Friday, June 5, 1998, and Bob O’Connor was headed home for the weekend. He knew it would be a busy one, for he had many decisions to make. He had been trying to raise capital for his Company – the RBS Group, a software firm – for almost a year. He felt like he was finally nearing the end of this process, but now more issues had arisen. First, his prospective investors wanted to increase the amount of their investment. While he would be happy to have the extra money, he felt that the valuation on RBS was already lower than he had hoped, and he was reluctant to take more money at this price. Second, he had received a draft term sheet the day before. He’d only had a few minutes to scan it, but it seemed a long way from the simple deal they’d discussed weeks before. O’Connor knew he would be spending a lot of time with this document over the coming weekend. Background Wagner and other “angels” from the Walnut group had successfully gotten over several of the issues that had arisen during their due diligence process. (See Walnut Ventures Associates (A), (B) and (C) Nos.899-062, 063 and 064) Wagner described those issues and the due diligence process: The customer feedback was all quite good. O’Connor was a great salesman. The issue was: Is he a one man band? And we decided – yes, he was a one man band, but more by necessity than by choice. After watching him in...

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...Harvard Business School 9-899-062 Rev. December 7, 1998 Walnut Venture Associates (A): RBS Group Investment Memorandum Ralph Wagner pulled his file on the RBS Group, a young company that developed and sold accounting software specifically targeted to software companies. Wagner was a private investor—an “angel”—and a member of an informal group of other investors known as Walnut Venture Associates. (See Exhibit 1 for background information on Walnut) RBS was seeking to raise $2 million in equity capital to fund its growth. Wagner had agreed to take the lead role in evaluating RBS as an investment opportunity for Walnut. While Wagner would spearhead the process, each individual would make his own decision about whether to invest in the company. It was December 26, 1997 and Bob O’Connor, RBS’s founder and CEO, had presented to the Walnut group one week ago. The group had been impressed with O’Connor, with RBS’s business focus, and with the fact that the company had a product, sales and even earnings. Based on this positive first impression, the group had decided to take the next step and begin a more in-depth investigation of the company and its prospects. Half a dozen or so “Walnuters” had indicated an interest in possibly investing, and it was up to Wagner to come up with a due diligence agenda for these individuals. He pulled out RBS’s plan (See Exhibit 2) and began to sort through the issues the group should investigate during this phase, as well as an...

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