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VoIP over Internet
By: Joe Smo
Professor: Dinkleberry

VoIP over Internet Today, there are a few different techniques that you can use to carry your VoIP services. These include using Frame-relay based WANs, MPLS, private lines, or simply just the internet. In this paper I will discuss the problems which can be encountered when using the internet to carry your VoIP service, and I will also outline the techniques you can use to overcome these problems. I will start off by explaining the problems that you can encounter when using the internet to carry your VoIP service. The first drawback of using the internet to carry your VoIP service is bandwidth or poor internet connection. This is a problem because the service essentially rides along on top of TCP/IP which doesn’t contain any way of specifying a bandwidth requirement; this is what leads to packet loss. Once enough packet loss has occurred, it makes it impossible to hold a conversation because the other end isn’t getting the message. This then leads the caller or receiver having to wait until the internet traffic reduces in order to re-establish the connection; this can obviously be very costly for businesses that rely on telecommunications to do business. A way to overcome this problem is by allowing an outside business, person, vendor, etc. to access your organization’s extranet. An extranet according to Techopedia “is a controlled private network allowing customers, partners, vendors, suppliers and other businesses to gain information, typically about a specific company or educational institution, and do so without granting access to the organization’s entire network. An extranet is often a private part of a website. It is restricted to select users through user IDs, passwords, and other authentication mechanisms on a login page (Janssen, 2012).” In other words, it allows outsiders to…...

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