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Bullfighting: Remembering Tradition
In today’s version of bullfighting has drastically changed, what was once thought to be brave test between man and animal has been shifted to the advantage of man that it is no longer a test but rather a senseless slaying of an already weakened and disoriented animal. Before the bull even enters the arena they are taunted and abused. The naturally nonaggressive bulls are riled up by having their eyes rubbed with Vaseline, wet newspaper stuffed in their ears, and cotton stuffed in their nose to cut off respiration. Even the bull’s genitals are repeatedly stabbed, just to weaken the bull before its execution for the show. When the gates open, the disoriented bull tries to run for freedom but instead runs right into six men whose job is to defeat, or kill, the animal. One man is horseback using a spear; four others have barbed sticks, and lastly is the matador, who wears the iconic red cape (Lau). The bull’s pain continues as it is repeatedly struck in the shoulders and run to the point of exhaustion. It doesn’t take long for the bull to collapse and accept defeat. Finally, the matador reaches for his sword and delivers the final blow, slaying the animal in front of thousands of cheering fans. The treatment of bulls shows the harsh reality of how brutally and unethically bulls are treated today. The protesters believe bullfighting has become a completely different sport, and has lost its cultural tradition. Enthusiasts claim a ban on bullfighting would do a disservice to the country. It is time to take control of the tradition and bring it back to the prominence and class it had in the past.
Bullfighting is a centuries old tradition that traces its roots all the way back to the Roman Empire. Romans used the bulls in the gladiator arena as a different challenge for the gladiators. Traditional bullfighting from Spain started in 1726…...

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