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I. Topic/Explanation

From the reading assignment this week I chose stress management to learn about. (page5) The main reason for me choosing this topic is over the last few weeks I have been under a lot of stress and I am starting to notice that my body is getting worn out. I realize that stress is part of everyone’s life with work, personal obligations so for me at this time I felt that doing some research on this topic could help me learn new ways to deal with the everyday stress in my life. With the reading assignment this week I learned that stress can cause your body’s to become sick more easily which in some cases could even cause death. At this time I feel that I have way too many people depending on me to become sick due to the stress in my life so it is something that I need to try and get a grip on it now.

II. Website Summary
I found a good website that tells about of stress is part of everyone’s life and that stress can be positive but it also can cause us chronic health problems. Some of the health problems are depression, heart disease, headaches, problems sleeping, and even sexual difficulties. The article also tells about if stress continues without any relief it can lead to a condition known as distress this condition can cause your body so many different types of problems. The article also gives helpful information on how to try and relief some of the stress that you are having. Like keeping a positive attitude, be assertive not aggressive, also by eating healthy, and exercise on regular basis.
Tips for Managing Stress http://www.webmd.com/balance/guide/tips-to-control-stress

III. Value Statement
From the assigned reading and with the article that I found on stress management I feel that I have a better understanding of stress and what it can do to your body. I can see why my sensei has been telling me over…...

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