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UNIQLO Marketing Research Report

GBMP 509 – M1 December 2, 2013 Mike Assad Victoria Markowski Adam Mawer Cecilia Setiawan Timothy Wong

Executive Summary
The purpose of this study is to research, analyze and evaluate proposed pilot retail locations in the GTA for Uniqlo’s entrance into the Canadian market. Methods of analysis include quantitative secondary research using the geographic information system (GIS) SuperDemographics to examine key demographic data corresponding with Uniqlo’s primary and secondary target group. The use of qualitative formal studies including consumer traffic data from commercial shopping malls, a competitive environment analysis, as well as an online audit of websites containing relevant location information were also been employed. The research draws attention to the key demographics and psychographics of Uniqlo’s target groups as they compare with the demographic data collected from specified geographic locations within the GTA. Results of the data analyzed indicate that Uniqlo’s direct market share and target group competitors have positioned themselves in high traffic retail areas in close proximity to one another capitalizating on the traffic created in the competitive environment. These centralized shopping hubs reveal a correlation between mall patron statistics and the surrounding trade area population. Of the 7 locations examined, those closely aligned with Uniqlo’s target market group were ranked to evaluate their merits based on weighted dimensions including: age range, income level, competitive environment, and the distance that prospects live from the retail location. Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Square One Shopping Centre, Queen West, and the Toronto Eaton Centre performed well and scored high on the ranking model. Based on the data accumulated and research conducted, it is recommended that Uniqlo launch its brand in the…...

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...in Fukuro-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima under Japan which name "Unique Clothing Warehouse". It was at this point that the name "Uniqlo" was conceived, as an abbreviation of "special clothing". Corporate Mission is to make sincerely incredible attire with new and special value, and to able people all over the world to experience the pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment of wearing such incredible garments. The company also doing business in China, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States (uniqlo.com). The corporation was basically a division of Fast Retailing Co. by reason of its success it has developed to have its own stock on the Japanese equity market. In view of Businessweek.com Fast retailing co Ltd is currently worth 14,330 yen on Tokyo marketplace (fashionmodeldirectory.com). It does not make a difference who you are or where you live, UNIQLO makes clothes that transcend all classes and social organizations. Its apparel is made for all, going beyond age, sex, occupation, ethnicity, and all different ways that describe people. They also offer shoes, socks, scarves, tights, caps and different accessories. All the clothes are simple and basic yet common, so people can liberty join them in their own distinctive style (uniqlo.com). As the founder stated that UNIQLO clothes are created for all highly completed elements of style in clothes that fit your values wherever you live. The......

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...Group Assignment Cover Sheet UNIQLO, one of the oldest clothing brands in Japan, is a Japanese causal wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. It was founded in 1984 and has over 100 stores operating throughout Japan by April 1994. Moreover, there are 750 stores in Japan and other place in the world currently, such as Australia, China and the United States etc (Uniqlo: Our Story http://www.uniqlo.com/au/corp/ourstory.html). This easy will focus on how UNIQLO create value for consumers in terms of its core competences and value chain. The value propositions that , aligned to its value delivery system, are the sources of values are delivered to customer. The company creates brand value for consumers in the organization by both products and markets diversifications. The core competences of UNIQLO are low-cost and high quality, which secures a competitive advantage in global market. The benefit resulted from low-cost is generating reasonable prices of casual clothes for customers and the high quality transferred high customer utility immediately. ‘UNIQLO is aiming to added new value in clothes design and function, therefore, customers will purchase new clothes’, according to Naoki Otoma, senior Vice President and COO of UNIQLO (Petro, ‘The Future of Fashion Retailing: Part 1 – Uniqlo’, 2013). The Porter’s Value Chain assists the value creation in the organization through cost reduction or differentiation. UNIQLO’s large –format store strategy is adopted by changing......

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...UNIQLO‘s background: UNIQLO is a Japanese company that designs manufactures and retail in casual wears in 1974. It is also the subsidiary of the Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. It is an international brand that have branch in many country such as China, USA, Europe country etc. Their mission is to create new and unique clothing to the people over the world and share the joy, happiness and satisfaction when they are wearing the UNIQLO’s clothes. Also, it enriches people’ live and help the society by using their unique corporate activities. According to UNIQLO’s official webpage, the vision of UNIQLO is “to change the clothes, change conventional wisdom, and change the world”. (UNIQLO, 2014) The brand equity of the UNIQLO is 4848 million in 2014. Compare about in 2013, the brand equity has been increase 1236 million. From the ranking, it ranks 279 in the 500 Best Global Brands in 2014. It also ranks 30 in the Best Japan 50 in 2013 and 28 in the most valuable brands in retail. (Brandirectory, 2014) This paper describes the justification for UNIQLO development what have been made and why UNIQLO maintains a high brand equity . Brand development: Customer-Based Brand Equity: When a brand like UNIQLO have good brand equity that it can use the Customer-Based Brand Equity model to discuss. Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) is that” occurs when the consumer has a high level of awareness and familiarity with the brand, and holds some strong, favorable and unique brands association...

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...UNIQLO Operations CONTENTS 22 UNIQLO’s Business Model 30 UNIQLO’s Business Strategy 32 UNIQLO Quality 34 UNIQLO International 36 Topics: FAST RETAILING ANNUAL REPORT 2009 21 UNIQLO Business Model One year before launch Development and procurement of materials R&D Proposals Marketing (Sales promotion) (Designers/Pattern makers) Price negotiations Designs Sales promotion plans Samples Materials manufacturer (External) Merchandising Samples Order design sample Production volume guidance Production departments Production planning Takumi Technical guidance Guidance for adjusting production Feedback Customers’ opinions and requests are fed back to merchandising, materials development, production and stores Feedback Quality control/Monitoring of production schedules Six months before launch Partner factories (External) Products arrive at warehouse Warehouse (External) Order guidance Inventory control Place orders Markdown guidance Sales begin Stores and online sales Customer Center Opinions Customers UNIQLO operates a SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business, which means that its activities are fully integrated from design through production and retailing. Under its SPA business model, UNIQLO controls all stages of the supply process, from development of materials to R&D, design, production, quality control, marketing, sales and inventory adjustments. This makes it......

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...http://ivythesis.typepad.com/term_paper_topics/2009/09/what-makes-uniqlo-as-a-popular-casual-wear-brand-in-hong-kong.html What Makes UNIQLO a Popular Casual Wear in Hong Kong?   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY               This report is about UNIQLO, a leading casual apparel retailer in the world. UNIQLO’s success was remarkable. UNIQLO is a combination of the words unique and clothing. Perhaps the reason why UNIQLO is popular in Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Korea, Hong Kong and now in the United States is because of its uniqueness. UNIQLO offers high quality, fashionable clothes at a very affordable price. This report will discuss the reasons behind UNIQLO’s success and popularity. This report will discuss UNIQLO’s history, its business structure and the characteristics of the Japanese and Hong Kong retail industry. In addition, this report will also analyze the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses as well as the Opportunities and Threats that it deals with. Lastly, this report will discuss UNIQLO’s growth strategies and its plans to achieve its goal of becoming a global brand that transcends cultural boundaries.         TABLE OF CONTENTS     Page Number   Executive Summary                                                                                              1 Introduction                                                                                                             4 Industry Analysis             Japanese Retail......

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...The logo: Uniqlo have many ranges in one categories, they have T-shirt, sportswear, casual wear and underwear. Uniqlo monopolized the product, for example: heat tech, super light wool and bra-tops. The heat tech can let consumers get warm all the time, the super light wool can let the apparel of Uniqlo become lightest. This kind of things will get the interest of consumers. Uniqlo always have attractive campaigns when they will be open at some complex/shopping mall. For example, they will have a offer price when they opened at somewhere in 1 month. Sometimes, they will have a campaigns for 1 man’s underwear in RM10.All of this campaigns will let every gender ,every generation can find your own apparel at Uniqlo. Introduction On “Uniqlo” Uniqlo is the Japanese largest apparel brand owned by fast retailing, apparel is a fast moving consumer goods, include Uniqlo. Consumers will not high loyalty in a brands, the apparel company will get some attractive way to interest their consumers. Uniqlo advocate “low price, good quality”, the consumers always love the way you can get the cheapest things with high quality. That’s why Uniqlo can be success. The apparel of Uniqlo become popular among every generation since the introduction of their fleece jackets, they made the apparel for everyone. Uniqlo is using SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business model to encompassing all stages of the business--from design and production to final sale. The SPA......

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