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Making Sense of Change Management, 2nd edition
Case studies – text and questions

Case study 1: Aster Group 3
Case study text: Aster Group 3 Introduction 3 History, culture, orientation 4 Drivers for change 6 Leadership 8 No shotgun wedding 9 The transition period – one year on 11 Project management 12 Organizational development 13 Developing management and leadership capacity and capability 14
Case study questions: Aster Group 17 Individual change 17 Team change 17 Organizational change 18 Leading change 18

Case study 2: The Institute of Public Health in Ireland 19
Case study text: The Institute of Public Health in Ireland 19 The work of the Institute 19 Beginnings 20 Initial challenges 20 Strategy implementation 22 Vision and values 22 Leadership style 23 Management board 24 Working across the border 24 Learning 25
Case study questions: The Institute of Public Health in Ireland 28 Individual change 28 Team change 28 Organizational change 29 Leading change 29

Case study 3: The Kitchenware Company 30
Case study text: The Kitchenware Company 30 Drivers for change 31 Taking the bull by the horns 32 Leadership 33 Moving forward 34 Taking stock 34 Stakeholders 35 Next steps 37
Case study questions: The Kitchenware Company 38 Individual change 38 Team change 38 Organizational change 39 Leading change 39

Case study 4: Biogen Idec 40
Case study text: Biogen Idec 40 The change 42 Data gathering and option generation 43 Affiliates and culture change 43 Criteria for good change 44 The transition 45
Case study questions: Biogen Idec 46 Individual…...

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... INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, AHMEDABAD Elizabeth’s Country Wares A report submitted to Instructor: Prof. Meenakshi Sharma Academic Associate: Girija Shankar Semuwal In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the course Written Analysis and Communication – I (2016-17) By Sarvesh koyande Ref No: 16304 Section: B On 2 July, 2016 Memo To: Mrs.Elizabeth Hines, Owner and Operator, Elizabeth’s Country Wares From: Sarvesh Koyande Date: June 19, 2009 Re: Recommendation and action plan for Elizabeth Hines With reference to your request for a recommendation on the decision that benefits ECW the most, I am enclosing a detailed analysis of the situation, possible options and my recommendations along with the action plan for near future. My recommendation would be to purchase computer system and printer/scanner for decal printing along with one kiln to improve efficiency. Executive Summary Elizabeth’s country Wares (ECW) is country houseware and ceramic pottery business based in WoodStock Ontario. ECW’s owner and operator, Elizabeth Hines, wants to produce 3000 units of Country Pitchers (CP), her primary product, in response to growing interest in CP product line. To achieve this, ECW could either purchase decal printing setup to print CP designs, or buy decals and apply them in warehouse or else outsource the consignment to ceramic manufacturing company in china. The course of Action would be decided based on net profits earned and long term benefits. It is......

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