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The company’s mission is to be the premier global direct seller of innovative and premium products. Tupperware is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and pledges to abide by the codes of standards and procedures as a condition of admission and continuing membership in the DSA as it relies very heavily on direct selling model. It is the seventh largest direct selling company in the world. The company’s direct sales in the U.S. account for approximately $30 billion and its worldwide sales account for approximately $100 billion.

Tupperware Brands Corp. Core Products

Tupperware: Tupperware’s principle product line consists of design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home. It also has an established line of kitchen cookware and tools, children’s educational toys, microwave products and gifts. The company has expanded over the years with products such as Modular Mates, FridgeSmart, One Touch canisters, the Rock ‘N Serve microwave line, OvenWorks and silicon baking forms for microwave or oven use, Open House, Elegant and Outdoor Dining serving lines, the Chef Series knives and cookware, Flat Out, Stuffables, CheeseSmart and BreadSmartstorage containers, and Quick Chef and Lil’ Chopper Prep Essentials, Ultra Pro ovenware plus many specialized products for the kitchen and home. About two-thirds of sales are under the Tupperware brand, and include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home.

Beauty: The Beauty businesses manufacture and distribute skin care products, cosmetics, bath and body care, toiletries, fragrances, nutritional products, apparel and related products, and in some cases Tupperware brand products. Beauty (including personal care and nutritional) comprises about one-third of sales; brands include Armand Dupree, Avroy Shlain (South Africa), BeautiControl…...

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...housewares industry, Tupperware must able to fulfill all the basic criteria and even be advance on that. In the other hand, I also research and observe how Tupperware Brands Corporation resolves the dilemma and problems which involve external (customers and competitors) and internal (staffs) factors. Besides, I also attach in my personal experience for further explanation regarding some of their product and service. At the end I make some suggestion in recommendation on how Tupperware can improve products and services so that they can sustain and success in the coming time. Introduction The company I have chosen to study is Tupperware Brands Corporation. Tupperware is one of the most trusted names in housewares industry which establish since 1946 in Orlando, Florida. Earl Silas Tupper, founder of Tupperware is a genius that discovers the usage of plastic can apply in household of daily use. (The Great Idea Finder, 1997-2007) His invention being motivated from cookie jars which can store food in freshness. In the early stage, their product only adopt ‘burping seal’ method of containers which been patented by them. Later on, they start to diversify their product to meet more customers’ needs. Tupperware also provide after sales service which is assistant from nearest consultant to briefly explain the operation of the product. The full line of Tupperware products is always available from a local Tupperware Consultant as they promise. Tupperware known as one of the......

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...The Tupperware Concept Tupperware conducts its business through a single business segment, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of high-quality consumer products for the home. The core of Tupperware's product line consists of food storage containers that preserve freshness. In recent years, Tupperware has expanded its offerings in the food preparation and servicing areas through the addition of a number of products lines; microwaveable cooking, pots and pans and other kitchen tools. The development of new products varies in different markets in order to address differences in cultures, lifestyles, tastes and needs of the markets. Tupperware Corporation, whose well-known Tupperware parties have spread to more than 100 countries, is one of the largest direct sellers in the world. Tupperware depends almost exclusively on the word-of-mouth from their independent sales force, with no other advertising taken into use. Relying on independent consultants for sales, the company generated more than $2.3 billion in sales revenues in 2010. The History To understand Tupperware reputation a look into the origins and early history is needed. Company founder Earl Tupper had by 1942 developed a plastic that was both durable and safe for food storage. The lightweight, flexible, and unbreakable material was also clear, odorless, and nontoxic. Tupper dubbed the new material Poly-T, and he further refined the product over the next few years. In 1946 he founded Tupperware, and began......

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