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1. Innovation could help a company to success. But innovation is really high standard for an industry or a company. It need cover lots of talents, experts, high effective team members to contribute all idea and ability to make it come true.

2. In a mature industry, it is hard to get an innovation. So open mind and combine with outside environment is very important, such as considering localization and meet different area customer’s behavior.

3. We need to learn different knowledge in various areas that would help us to gain and seize more precious opportunities. We also need to make different people who have kinds of interesting background that could help us to expand horizons.

4. Living abroad gives you a creative edge: living abroad could bring people new culture, idea. People would be affected by new environment. They will try to improve him and create more valuable idea in the future.

5. Merely travelling abroad, however, was not enough. You do have to live there. In my opinion, travelling abroad is just use limited time to go around many famous scenic spots. Living abroad for a long time could bring people more details in daily life and deeper culture of a country.

6. Innovation will not happen over one night. We must take it in mind and being preparing on it all the time. In my opinion, we need to develop personal ability and try to cultivate unique way of thinking.

7. An effective team would better include people who have different working or learning background. Because that could help people have more creative ideas during cooperation.

8. Leadership is hard to have nowadays. In modern society, people can gain information more easily by technology tools. Most of them have more idea and different value concept. Therefore, it need Leaders have better ability and skills to develop their leadership in modern society.…...

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