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Trust is a powerful word, one that displays many faces, which Homer uses to his advantage in his work The Odyssey. As shown by Homer, trust is the reliance on any quality or characteristic of a person (mainly his or her truthfulness), especially his or her ability or strength to perform an action. Trust can also be formed based off of a condition of a relationship, such as loyalty, i.e. the bond of trust between Odysseus and his men as a result of their loyalty to each other. Lastly, a big part of trust is formed from hope. All of these parts of trust combined form a very powerful concept, as lack of it wreaks havoc, while the presence of it can forge some of the strongest bonds, as both shown in Books IX – XI. In these few books, there are many happenings, some due to trust, and some due to lack of trust, as portrayed by the encounters of both the main character, Odysseus, the rest of his men, and those from the outside world. Trust, a seemingly ever – present concept, is usually a result of companionship, loyalty, or hope, and is sometimes essential for survival. In Book IX, much of the trust is based on the reliance of a person when performing an action. Near the beginning of the book, Odysseus and his men land on the island of the Lotus’. Odysseus sends out a few men, who eventually meet the Lotos Eaters, who offer them the Lotos plant. They eat of it, and no longer want to go home. Odysseus then goes to get them, “I drove them, all three wailing, to the ships,” (105), and then ties them to the ship. Here, Odysseus has given his men a reason to trust him, as he has saved them from the Lotus Eaters, and has forced them to go home, which they would later come to appreciate. The rest of Odysseus’ men will also trust him, as he has shown that he isn’t willing to leave any man behind, which…...

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