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The Truman Show

“We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented.”
That is what Christof answers, when somebody asks why Truman never has come close to discovering the true nature of his world. Truman Burbank lives a perfect life in the beautiful and secure town of Seahaven. He has a beautiful wife, good friends and family and is a successful man. But what he doesn’t know is that this world he lives in is a set-up. The life he thinks is usual is actually a studio - a big dome with hidden cameras in every corner. He was presented to this “unreal” world, when he was a child, and was born into this TV-shown. That is of course the world he thinks, is the real world. Why should he believe anything else? Truman grew up in that world, without knowing that every step he took was being viewed by the whole world. All his friends and family plays a role in the most viewed TV-show in the whole world, The Truman Show.
Truman accepts his existence in Seahaven. He doesn’t think that anything is odd, because he hasn’t experienced anything else. Truman does not question his wife’s or friend’s unusual behavior, because it is not unusual for him. He doesn't wonder why everything happens at the same time every day, there hasn’t happened anything else. Each person’s reality is their perspective. He accepts the world, he lives in.
Christof, the producer and creator of the show, has followed Truman since the beginning. He almost feels like a father to him, but that is also mostly because of his successfully TV-show. Christof can do what he wants with Truman, he is controlling his life, and that also makes him responsible for him. The idea of the show was to attempt to create the perfect world, like Christof wanted to live that life but chose to live it through someone else. He gave him the life he wanted his “son” to have. It is thoroughly a father-son…...

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