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Mgmt 362-Organizational Behavior: Week 5 - Case Study
July 2, 2014

Synopsis: Tricia Monet is store director of a national chain store for household products and personal care located in Sioux City, Iowa. Tricia, coming from an accounting background decided she wanted to try a different career field; though she liked the organization and structure of accounting she wanted to be able to interact with people. Tricia had no supervisory or managerial experience when first starting at personal reflections. So, the company provided a short two week training program for assistant store directors. Once training was complete the store director was responsible for continued training. The store directors were not included in the decision-making process for new hires of assistant store directors. When Tricia was initially hired she was hired as an assistant store director, by the district manager of Personal Reflections. Tricia completed the initial two weeks of training; she was then assigned to be one of three assistant directors at the Sioux City, Iowa store. Heather Munson, the current director of the store in Sioux City, was not consulted about Tricia’s placement; it is company policy that store directors were not involved in the decision of placement. Because of this company policy Tricia and Heather did not have a good working relationship. While Heather was the store director, the store constantly failed to meet sales goals. The sales floor seemed to be messy and cluttered; the clutter and confusion of the sale’s floor made it difficult for customers and employees to find the merchandise they needed. Upon arriving at the store location this was an immediate concern for Tricia. Tricia implemented a plan and strategy to remedy the sale’s floor issues only to be met with argumentativeness and scolding by Heather. Just over a month after Tricia…...

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