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Dear Ms.Pei,
I am writing this mail to thank you for treating me as one of the member of your family, I am really grateful for giving me a chance to work in your country and for having an employer that I felt as my second family.
I know you will be surprise because you did not expect that I am going to send an email for you. Anyway thank you for the support and the opportunities that you have provided me for more than three years. I have enjoyed working with your family. Actually I wanted to tell you about things but I was thinking that it’s better for me to send an email for you.
I know what’s going on in your family right now….the problem with your son…As I have said you need more time and get bonding with him… the two of you actually. I understand about your feelings towards to your only child I can relate because were both mothers to our own children.God knows how much I love my work because this is my source of income to be able provide the needs of my daughter.
I treat your child just like my own child,he is so dear to me but don’t you know that no matter how much love and care that I can give him I am nothing compare with you?because you are his mother...I did my best for my work because I wanted you to be satisfied being my employer.But I felt that my best was not good enough for you,so I decide to resign from my work and I think you deserve someone better than me.
You know Ms.Pei it is not easy for me to tell you about this things because I been working in your family for more than two years.But I think this is the best way for you to get the attention of your child,and it will be easy for you to do that if I am not around.I want you to know that even Lucas is so close to me I never forget to teach him and make him realize how important the two of you as being his parents.I know where I stand,my obligations,my responsibilities my limitations as being…...

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