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RUNNING HEAD: Thematic Unit Plan

Grand Canyon University
RDG 512
Thematic Unit Study
Melinda Chemin

Abstract The following thematic unit all about plants incorporates reading and writing strategies along with science standards. The unit includes text suggestions as well as projects for reading and writing to enhance student learning. Culminating projects provide opportunities for students to display their learning as well as record their thinking during reading. Thematic units provide students with fiction and non-fiction selections to read and respond to. There is also a detailed description of the reading and writing activities to be included with each text selection and whether the selection is to be used as a read-aloud, independent reading, or in a listening center. Writing projects give students practice with the writing process culminating with collaborative group projects and published pieces.

Rationale This thematic unit plan demonstrates the ability to create a unit study including literacy components in content areas. This plan also reflects the teacher understanding of how students learn and must be provided opportunities to read and write in authentic ways in order to demonstrate learning. This meets the requirements for course standards through the completion of the thematic unit demonstrating the understanding of literacy standards that must be addressed in a comprehensive literacy classroom through writing, reading, as well as the understanding that learning must take place in an environment that provides students with various types of reading and writing activities with varying types of groupings.

Instructional Focus Subject: Science Topic: All About Plants Literacy Standards: * LA. to a variety of literary selections connecting text to self, text to world, and text to text. * LA.2.1.7- Use a…...

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