The Way Ahead

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The Way Ahead

The immense lack of strategic vision is the biggest problem that needs to be addressed within the counterintelligence field. Jennifer E. Simms and Burton Gerber emphasize three root causes that contribute to the weaknesses in the counterintelligence process in their article, The Way Ahead. Technological change, political culture and confused purposes are among the three contributors discussed in the article. United States counterintelligence can be used to its maximum potential only if these three issues can be controlled and improved upon.
As new technologies are introduced, new frustrations and complications for counterintelligence agencies arise. New detection technology forces agencies to adapt to an evolving technological world, causing countless problems. These new technologies however, need to be implemented between intelligence agencies and private industries. When properly collaborated remarkable things can take place; an example of this can be seen in the Circuit City store in New Jersey. The police were notified after an employee had been asked to make copies of an incendiary video. The FBI prevented an attack at Fort Dix due to the information passed down by the police officers.
Many civilians have the capability to hack into computer networks and patrol the internet. Atlantic Monthly reported that these individuals use both deception strategies and technical counterintelligence to catch con artists on the web. These hackers need to be aware of possible threats as well as whom to contact when that threat arises. In a proactive sense, top government agencies could instead recruit these individuals and utilize their hacking talents rather than hoping they contact the agency. It appears as though counterintelligence has left its offensive operations behind, and instead tends to focus on the defensive aspects of operations. This makes it…...

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