The Relationship Between Online Environments and Customer Satisfaction (Iran Computer Hardware Industry)

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The relationship between online environments And Customer Satisfaction (Iran Computer Hardware Industry)
Mahmoud Manafi (
Roozbeh Hohabri (
Kamran Karimi (
Seyed Mehdi Fatemi (
Seyed Salman Fatemi (
Kaveh Mehrnia (

In this quantitative article research first, the main factors in customer satisfaction in online environment of Iran in hardware industry with process based-view are identified. Secondly relationships between identified factors in online environment of Iran and customer satisfaction are investigated.
Keywords: Online Environment, Customer satisfaction, and Process Based-View


Experimental studies show that enterprises with high customer satisfaction, has more return on economic in comparison with others (Eugene W. Anderson, 1993). Others implied that firms should try to seek profitable way to differentiate their services and deliver high quality services (A. Parasuraman 1998, Adam Finn 2003, Hsu, 2008). Additionally, quality of the quality of customer interface in online shopping is positively related to intention to buy and consequently future financial performance of the firm (Hsin Hsin Chang, 2009)
This is the reason that currently firms using customer satisfaction and loyalty improvement strategies to sustain in current competition environment and create value for all stakeholders and customers. Additionally, customer satisfaction, as a performance indicator, has targeted by many academics and practitioners for many years.
Some problems such as Delay in delivery, increasing the number of frauds in online shopping has led o lack of trust, Increasing the number of frauds in online shopping has lead to lack of trust, and Un adequately of information provided about hardware…...

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