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The Perception of Employers on Accounting Graduates in Malaysia

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1.0 Introduction

1.5 Significance of the Study
This study is carried out to investigate employer’s level of satisfaction towards Uniten accounting graduates. Prior studies were carried out to investigate expectation and perception of employers on accounting graduates. (e.g. Ismail, Elham & Manaf ,2000) However, there are only limited amount of studies conducted about employer’s satisfaction level towards accounting graduates. This study will be able to explore some of the areas that have not been highlighted before. For instance, the prior study by Cole and Thompson (2002), only explores the agri-business employers’ perception regarding desirable employment traits and their satisfaction with college graduates they had hired. This study focussed specifically on accounting graduates which highlighted the employers’ expectation on employability skills that influence the level of satisfaction of employers.
This research seeks help UNITEN to have a better understanding on relationship between employers’ perception on employability skills possessed by accounting graduates and employers’ satisfaction on UNITEN accounting graduates . Therefore, the information laid out in this study will provide a better understanding of level satisfaction of the employers. In addition, this research can contribute to the alignment of the needs of employers and skills possessed by UNITEN graduates. Furthermore, this research can be useful for curricular improvement of graduates.

1.5 Structure of the research proposal
This paper is structured into four chapters as follows:
Chapter One: Introduction
This chapter describes the relationship between employers’ satisfaction and the employability skills owned by UNITEN accounting graduates. It explains briefly on the university‘s contribution in producing graduates that meets employers’ demand.
Chapter Two: Literature Review
This chapter demonstrates brief analysis literature reviews based upon previous researches undertaken relating to the employers’ satisfaction and employability skills of graduates. These reviews will provide a clear and concise explanation in order to deliver a better understanding on the purpose of undertaking this study.
Chapter Three: Theoretical Framework
This chapter study will demonstrate the relevant theories and concepts of the study conducted. It also focuses on the independent and dependant variables to be tested in this study. The relevant theories, schematic diagram and hypothesis of the study are also highlighted in this chapter.
Chapter Three: Research Methodology
This chapter describes the data collection and analysis procedures, variable measurement and tests used in performing this research. The population, sample selection and the statistical analysis carried out are also highlighted in this chapter.…...

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