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About Libman:
Libman CO
220 N Sheldon Street
Arcola, IL61910-1616
Phone: (877) 818-3380
Fax: (217) 268-4168
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday,
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM CST

From- Hoover’s
The Libman company- Sales= $33.4M EEs = 250

Executives | Robert Libman- President | Aaron Libman- President/owner | Paul Shearer- Chief Information Officer |

Credit Rating- Low= These businesses have a low projected risk of delinquency and a moderate to low risk of failure.
The Libman Company Employment Opportunities
Provided by Indeed Title | Analyst/Associate Consultant
Mon Jun 3 2013 | Manager/Sr. Manager - Project Lead Custom Analytics
Mon Jun 3 2013 | Vice President, Client Development
Mon Jun 3 2013 | Associate Retail Client Manager/Retail Client Manager
Mon Jun 3 2013 | Supervisor US Field Service
Fri May 31 2013 | Consultant/Sr. Consultant
Mon Jun 3 2013 | Territory Sales Manager
Tue May 28 2013 | VP, Global Analytics Lead
Wed May 29 2013 | Director, Client Service
Tue May 28 2013 | FT Field Service Representative - Norfolk
Tue Jun 4 2013 |
From “Going mop head to mop head” Wall Street Journal article: “ Household mop maker Libman Co. felt it was time to deliver a floor mop in the "quick clean" category. Marketing director,
Brian Sowinski says the Swiffer was "really the only game in town in that category." Libman's Freedom mop is a "sort of in-between cleaning" device that consumers can use for touch-ups between more deep cleanings with a regular mop like
Libman's Tornado Mop or Wonder Mop. Like Rubbermaid's Reveal, the Freedom mop allows consumers a choice of cleansers and comes with a washable pad.
"Because to us," the mop's packaging says, "disposable pads and bottles sounds like a bunch of garbage." ”

Libman links:
Company website-
Fan Facebook Page-
Company Twitter-
Company Youtube-

More execs:
Brian Sowinsky- Chief Marketing Officer
John Ross- Controller
Michelle Bright- Human Resources Executive
Andrew Libman- Sales Executive or Mr. Andrew Libman- Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Libman CO Business Information
Business Information
Employees- 250 to 499
Annual Revenue Estimate- $50 to 100 million
Years in Business- 45 (questionable?)


“For over 110 years, the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority. William Libman started The Libman Company in 1896 with one mission; to make the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. William’s sons, grandsons and great grandchildren have since expanded that mission to include the finest mops, brooms, brushes and cleaning tools.”
“By 1980, all major production was pulled under one roof. The Libman Company became one of the largest vertically integrated houseware facilities in the country. During the past 15 years, the company has expanded its product line to become the leading manufacturer of high-quality brooms, mops and brushes in the U.S.”
“Twenty years later the 4th generation, Andrew, Rachel and Aaron have come aboard. Like their predecessors, they are looking towards the future. They are focused on expanding distribution in the retail and commercial markets with the Libman High Power line and expanding into the international market with the entire Libman line. While working on growing distribution, they continue to focus on quality, national advertising, service and product innovation.”

“It's more than just the color of our handles that is green. At Libman, we use 95% recycled plastic to make our broom fibers and up to 70% recycled steel to create the mop and broom handles. Our product packaging uses eco-friendly and partially recycled materials and our high quality cleaning products are designed to use very little to no chemicals. Libman mop heads are machine washable and can be reused over 100 times, thus preventing hundreds of disposable cleaning pads from being discarded into landfills.” – “In addition to using ENERGY STAR electronics, we track the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and constantly work towards optimizing them.”

Fact: Manufacturing recycled goods uses up to 95% less energy than using raw materials

From Arcola Chamber of Commerce:

“As far as the building they are in we believe it was built in the late 1800 or early 1900.”

“The Libman Company is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning products in the United States. We are a family-owned company in business since 1896 and have been producing quality products at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Arcola, IL for over 110 years. You can find our high quality products at many major retail stores in the U.S. and 10 other countries where our products are sold. To learn more about our company and our products, please visit our website.”

About Arcola:
“Arcola celebrates its heritage as "broomcorn capital of the world" with the renowned Broom Corn Festival. Visitors pack in every year the weekend after Labor Day. They come for numerous broom activities, unique arts and crafts, free entertainment, and great food. The festival's parade is Central Illinois' largest and is home to the world famous Lawn Rangers, who twirl and toss their brooms. The community still boasts ties to broomcorn and the broom industry with companies such as the Thomas Monahan Company and the Libman Company.”
Quick Facts
* Founded in 1855 * Entrance to Illinois Amish Country * Known as the Broom Corn Capital of the World * Home of the Libman Comapny
* Population 2,916 * 49.9% Male * 51.1% Female * Median Age 38.2 * Median Income $39,850 * White 68.2% * Hispanic 29.8% * All Other Races 2%
* Located at the Intersection of Illinois Route 133 and US Route 45 * Served by Interstate 57 * CN Railroad Service * 3 hours from Chicago * 3 hours from St. Louis * 2.75 hours from Indianapolis
For Arcola-
Douglas County- Population in 2011: 2,914. Population change since 2000: +9.9% |

Males: 1,453 | (49.9%) | Females: 1,461 | (50.1%) |

Median resident age: | 38.3 years | Illinois median age: | 42.2 years |
Zip codes: 61910.
Estimated median household income in 2009: $39,850 (it was $38,125 in 2000) Arcola: | $39,850 | Illinois: | $53,966 |
Estimated per capita income in 2009: $19,140
Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $79,508 (it was $69,200 in 2000) Arcola: | $79,508 | Illinois: | $202,200 |
Mean prices in 2009: All housing units: $91,314; Detached houses: $95,044; Townhouses or other attached units: $81,318; In 2-unit structures: $156,017; In 3-to-4-unit structures: $96,447; In 5-or-more-unit structures: $107,793; Mobile homes: $28,997
Median gross rent in 2009: $605.

Arcola $$ information:

For Aurora-
Kane County- Population in 2011: 198,288. Population change since 2000: +38.7% Males: 98,364 | (49.6%) | Females: 99,924 | (50.4%) |

Median resident age: | 30.7 years | Illinois median age: | 42.2 years |
Zip codes: 60504, 60505, 60506, 60507, 60568, 60572, 60598.
Aurora Zip Code Map

Estimated median household income in 2009: $59,844 (it was $54,861 in 2000) Aurora: | $59,844 | Illinois: | $53,966 |
Estimated per capita income in 2009: $25,421

Aurora city income, earnings, and wages data-

Estimated median house or condo value in 2009: $203,100 (it was $132,400 in 2000) Aurora: | $203,100 | Illinois: | $202,200 |
Mean prices in 2009: All housing units: $230,987; Detached houses: $244,426; Townhouses or other attached units: $189,227; In 2-unit structures: $166,591; In 3-to-4-unit structures: $138,961; In 5-or-more-unit structures: $128,742; Mobile homes: $159,686

Median gross rent in 2009: $956.

From General Laborer: Arcola- median hourly= $12 Aurora- median hourly= $13
From Census-
For Broom, brush, and mop manufacturing (NAICS 339994) Payroll per ee= $35,234

Recent Lawsuits-
From: RFC Express File Date: | Tuesday, January 03, 2012 | Plaintiff: | Butler Home Products, LLC | Plaintiff Counsel: | Lori J. Syavitz of McCarter & English LLP | Defendant: | The Libman Company | Cause: | 35:271 Patent Infringement | Court: | Massachusetts District Court | Judge: | Judge Joseph L. Tauro | File Date: | Friday, September 25, 2009 | Plaintiff: | Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC | Plaintiff Counsel: | Christopher Paul Murphy, Candice C. Decaire, Tiffany L. Williams of Kilpatrick Stockton LLP | Defendant: | The Libman Company | Cause: | 35:271 Patent Infringement | Court: | Virginia Western District Court | Judge: | District Judge Glen E. Conrad |
Winchester, VA (October 19, 2009) – Rubbermaid Commercial Products, an industrial leader of design and innovation in commercial facilities maintenance and foodservice products, today announced it has reached a settlement of its patent infringement lawsuit brought against The Libman Company located in Arcola, Illinois.
In a lawsuit filed earlier this year in Virginia federal court, Rubbermaid accused Libman of infringing several Rubbermaid patents relating to commercial cleaning equipment. Under the terms of the settlement, Libman will cease selling the products which were at issue in the lawsuit and will pay Rubbermaid an undisclosed settlement amount.

From –
Rachel Libman- President
Robert Libman- President
Michelle Bright- Chief Technology Officer; Director-human Resources; Project Manager
Kevin Goad- Operations Manager Yogesh Patil- Operations Manager
Average salary= $67,747

Eric Minor- Senior Marketing Director David McKnight- VP international division Places Libman is advertised: 1. Libman logo on the scoreboard during the Big 10 Championship Football game, Wisconsin vs Nebraska at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. 2012 2. People working at big 10 conference games, clean floor with libman (football and Basketball) 3. Arcola Broom Corn Festival 4. Magazines such as: Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Us Weekly, Martha Stewart Living, etc. 5. Featured in articles in: The Wall Street Journal, 6. Contests and sweepstakes: scariest messes, so you think you can dance, big 10 tourney, etc.

From Documents Sent By Mike:
Sales: $2,828,000

From Hoover:
Plant/Facility Size (sq. ft.) (actual) 800,000
Employees (All Sites) 250
1-Year Employee Growth 0.0%

From Google Search: When doing a Google search on Libman and O’Cedar, Libman shows up with more results that are coupons or deals than O’Cedar.

From Business Insights: (For 2010) Sales: | $25,000,000 | Employees: | 500 | Sales Per Employee: | $50,000 | Year Founded: | 1981 |
From Business Source Premier:

As of 2005- While many of its peers in the consumer products business have shifted to just-in-time inventory, Libman stocks three months' worth of cleaning products in its warehouse, ensuring a ready supply for retail customers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Lowe's Cos.

Authors:Jargon, Julie.
Source:Crain's Chicago Business, 8/29/2005, Vol. 28 Issue 35, p3-8, 2p, 3 Color Photographs, 1 Graph
Family-owned Downstate broom-maker succeeds in business the old-fashioned way Downstate mop-maker cleaning up
Dateline: ARCOLA —
Like many residents of this Amish hamlet three hours south of Chicago, where horse-drawn buggies share brick-paved roads with cars, Libman Co. still does things the old-fashioned way.
Ignoring conventional wisdom, the family-owned company manufactures its Libman brooms and mops not in a Chinese factory but in Arcola, where it has resided for nearly a century. While many of its peers in the consumer products business have shifted to just-in-time inventory, Libman stocks three months' worth of cleaning products in its warehouse, ensuring a ready supply for retail customers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and Lowe's Cos.
And while manufacturers of every stripe have shed production across the board, Libman has actually become more vertically integrated, making its own mop handles instead of buying them from a manufacturer.
Antiquated thinking? Maybe, but it's working: In the first eight months of this year, sales of Libman-brand products, fueled by its redesigned Wonder Mop, grew 22%, to $44 million, in the stores tracked by Information Resources Inc. (IRI). The Chicago research firm captures only about half of the stores that sell Libman products. In the stores IRI does track, Libman has almost 10% of the market for cleaning tools, mops and brooms, making it the second-biggest name in the category, behind Cincinnati behemoth Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G).
What's more impressive, Libman's growth comes as overall sales of cleaning tools are declining. Even Swiffer, the P&G-made swivel stick that holds a disposable dust wipe, is struggling. Sales of the whole Swiffer line — from the Swiffer Wet cleaner to the Sweep & Vac-are down 8.4% so far this year, to $135 million, IRI data show.
Andrew Libman, 35, the sales and marketing vice-president who runs the business along with his father, says the company's sales have doubled in the last decade, to $100 million last year. "We've hit a point where we're seeing a tremendous amount of growth," he says.
But how long can a family business flourish in an industry dominated by international conglomerates like P&G and Rubbermaid? Even with its recent success, Libman would seem vulnerable to competition from large-scale operators, especially since its most advanced mop features easily copied innovations like an easy-grip handle.
Libman also lacks marketing muscle. Last year it spent $5 million on advertising, according to TNS Media Intelligence. P&G spent $128 million to promote Swiffer-brand sweepers.
Mr. Libman says the company's marketing has raised its brand awareness among women to 55% from 30%. He's also confident that Libman's business model makes perfect sense in the modern world.
"I don't think it's necessarily true that you have to go overseas to find the lowest cost of goods," says Mr. Libman, the fourth generation Libman to run the company founded by his great-grandfather, a Jewish Lithuanian immigrant who sold brooms in Chicago before the need for more space — and broomcorn — necessitated moving the company Downstate.
In some ways, Libman's size may work to its advantage. A recent run-up in plastic costs that caused the company to raise prices may have actually squeezed bigger mop-makers more.
"For many large companies with large cost structures — with the spiraling cost of fuel and high shipping and marketing costs — it's becoming more difficult to operate successfully," says Steven Jacober, president of the Dayton, Ohio-based School, Home and Office Products Assn.
Even as material costs rise, the Libmans are stepping up production. In the next year, they plan to add machinery that will double their factory's output to 140,000 items a day. do it themselves
Thomas Monahan, president of broom supply company Thomas Monahan Co. in Arcola, used to sell Libman its steel broom and mop handles, until Libman started making its own handles 10 years ago. "Their philosophy is to do everything themselves," says Mr. Monahan, who now sells mainly to Libman rivals Quickie and Rubbermaid.
One relationship the Libmans haven't let go of dates back to the mid-1970s. That's when the first Libman corn broom appeared in a Wal-Mart store. Mr. Libman and his father, 62-year-old company president Robert, make four trips a year to Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville, Ark.
"By controlling all aspects of their manufacturing in-house, they have created quality products that are affordable, something Wal-Mart very much appreciates," says Michael McFadden Jr., who buys household goods for the retail giant.
Of course, Wal-Mart will drop Libman the moment people who scrub floors stop spending $9.99 to $15.99 for Libman mops.
Joanne Moss, owner of Chicago cleaning service Mighty Maids-Mighty Men, buys Libman's cotton-head Tornado Mops in bulk because they're so durable. "They last," she says. "Otherwise, I wouldn't use them."
From LexisNexis:
Employees – 250 NET SALES (USD) | 25,700,000 |

Executives: Shearer, Paul | Chief Information Officer | + | | McKnight, David | Vice President-International Division | +1.630.468.2790 | | Heller, Josh | Director of Sales-Western U S | + | | Libman, Rachel | Sales Director Central Region | + | | Licata, Tony | Director of Sales-Northeast U S | + | | Robey, Micahel | Art Director | + | | Sheer, Paul | Director Information Technology | + | | Sowinski, Brian | Director of Marketing | + x2188 | | Allen, Linda | Traffic Manager-ext 102 | + | | Arndt, Derek | Senior Buyer | + | | Chatfield, Dennis | Information Technology Manager | +1.800.646.6262 | | Cox, Julie | Purchasing | + | | Frederick, Wes | Senior Systems Administrator | + | | Haskett, Brenda | Trade Show Manager | + x2114 | | Hobbs, Donna | Controller | + | | McClure, Greg | 800-646-6262x2165 | + | |
Guaranteed as of 4/2013: Robert Libman | Pres | President | William Libman | CFO | Chief Financial Officer | Andrew Libman | VP-Mktg | Vice President | | | Marketing | Donna Hobbs | Controller | Controller | Brian Sowinski | Dir-Mktg | Director | | | Marketing |
From Ward’s Business Directory:
Financial Data:Sales-$30.4 M (Estimate)
Employees:250 (Company Information)
Year Founded:1898
2009: $30.4 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2008: $30.9 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2007: $30.0 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2006: $30.0 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2005: $30.0 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2004: $56.9 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2003: $56.9 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2002: $56.9 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2001: $56.9 M Sales-Estimate; 250 employees
2000: $34.0 M Sales-Estimate; 300 employees
1999: $48.0 M Sales-Estimate; 300 employees
1994: $19.0 M Sales-Estimate; 190 employees
1993: $12.0 M Sales-Estimate; 125 employees
1991: $12.0 M Sales-Estimate; 125 employees

Financial Data: Sales-$30.9 M (Estimate)

Citation- "Libman Co." Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies. Ed. Virgil L. Burton III. 54th ed. Detroit: Gale, 2011. 12,522 pp. 8 vols. Gale Directory Library. Gale. Elmhurst Public Library. 6 June 2013 <>.

From Hoovers: Plant/Facility Size (sq. ft.) (actual) | 800,000 | Employees (All Sites) | 250 | Employees (This Site) | 250 | 1-Year Employee Growth | 0.0% | Year of Founding | 1898 | Title | Name | President/owner | Aaron Libman Custom Contact | Pres | Robert Libman Custom Contact | Chief Information Officer | Paul Shearer Custom Contact | Acct | Ivan Fink Custom Contact | Business Development | Ray Harre Custom Contact | Art Director | Michael Robey Custom Contact | Sec-treas | William Libman Custom Contact | Operations Manager | Kevin Goad Custom Contact | Controller | Donna Hobbs Custom Contact | Traffic Manager | Linda Allen Custom Contact | Senior Systems Administrator | Wes Frederick Custom Contact | Trade Show Manager | Brenda Haskett Custom Contact | Controller | John Ross Custom Contact | Software Developer | Brian Pressler Custom Contact | Purchasing | Julie Cox Custom Contact | Sls Mgr | Andrew Libman Custom Contact | Director Of Marketing | Brian Sowinski Custom Contact | Purchasing Manager | Jeff Sloan Custom Contact | Principal | Desi Csoka Custom Contact | Vice President International Division | David McKnight Custom Contact | Mrtg Manager Social Media | Erin Favot Custom Contact | Chief Technology Officer; Director-human Resources; Project Manager | Michelle Bright Custom Contact | 800 646 6262X2165 | Greg McClure Custom Contact | Director Of Sales Northeast | Tony LicataCustom Contact | Contributor | Sarah Dycus | Sales Director Central Region | Rachel Libman |

From DemographicsNow: Business Description | Brooms and brushes, nsk | Location Employees | 250 | Corporate Employees | 250 | Public/Private | Public | Ticker Symbol | Not Available | Annual Sales | $33,000,000 | Out-of-business | No | Out-of-business Date | Not Available | Year Established | 1968 | Manufacturing at site? | Yes | Fortune 1000 Ranking | Outside the top 1,000 | Square footage | 800,000 |

I created from Ward’s Business Directory Information:…...

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...given for short answers, other than the good will of the marker. 12. Attention to presentation, expression, and the correct citation of cases, statutes and secondary sources will be rewarded. Footnote your responses on a page-by-page basis. Do not include a bibliography. 13. Plagiarism will be heavily penalised. Plagiarism is defined and discussed in the Academic Misconduct Policy available on the LMS. 14. Keep a copy of your work for your records. [pic] Assignment Glamour Developments Pty Ltd (Glamour) is a large proprietary company that constructs multi-level unit developments in inner Melbourne. Glamour has five directors: Jane, Mark, Po, Lim and Afshin. Mark is currently the Managing Director but has indicated to the company his desire to step down due to ill-health within the next month. It is anticipated that Jane will take over as Managing Director when he does so. In fact, the company has already provided Jane with new business cards which identify her as Managing Director for use once the formalities of her appointment have taken place. Sarah is an architect, known for her avant-garde architecture and use of environmentally-friendly materials. Jane loves Sarah’s work, which she reads about in New Design magazine. She makes an appointment to meet Sarah, giving Sarah her business card and introducing herself as the Managing Director of Glamour. Jane then enters negotiations with Sarah to design a new unit development for a......

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...Peter W, Boston Rowing Center  * Mark G, Aflac  * Nadia S, RDM  * Abel J, Dynamic REI Properties  * Lisiane J, Dynamic REI Properties  * Alexandra P, JOHNLEONARD  * Katrina A, JOHNLEONARD  * Cathi C, Neighoborhood Health Plan  * Tong Mei L, Financial services marketing company  * Chuck G, IndigoVision  * Charles F, New York Life  * Jasmine J, Weichert Realtors, Metropolitan Boston Real Estate  * Andrew R, Haworth  * Justin T, Equinox  * Jack M, Edward Jones  * Peggy G, CrowdComfort  * Douglas B, BHE Cloud Computing  * Mariangel M, Mariangel Moreno  * Helen W, MIT CIO Symposium  * Jonathan M, Trilogy Financial  * Steven S, Beacon Law Group, LLC  * Carol S, Sanchez & Santiago, CPAs  * Kevin H, WINNING, Inc.  * Alex A, Baker Engineering & Controls, Inc.  * meg v, liberty mutual  * Jannelle R, CENTURY 21 Commonwealth  * Alexandria N, Special Needs Financial Planning Team at Shepherd Financial Partners  * Tong Mei L, Financial services marketing company  * Brendan S, New York Life Insurance Company  * Chuck G, IndigoVision  * Jon C, Pro-Motions  * Jennfer Y, Aegon  * Cindy C, Virtual Cindy  * Jim H, Sikich LLP  * Jake S, McSweeney & Ricci Insurance Agents  * Amy C, Terry Chan, CPA  * Dick R, Greg Nanigian & Associates  * Phillip R,......

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...SERVICE COMPANY A service is business sells things that are not tangible. A service company does not stock inventory, but it may need to stock tools and supplies. For example, a gardener comes to mow the lawn for a fee. He is selling a service. He may need to supply his own lawnmower, which is a cost of doing business. A maid sells the service of cleaning houses, but she may or may not need to bring her own cleaning supplies. After selling a service, there is no widget to pack up. MERCHANDISING COMPANY A merchandise business sells merchandise. Good examples of merchandising businesses include retail clothing, grocery stores and bookstores. Many people use the term "widget" to refer to any merchandise a business offers for sale when discussing business issues and dynamics. For example, a sale in which a customer receives two widgets for the price of one may refer to any type of merchandise. It could mean two pairs of shoes for the price of one or two boxes of pasta for the price of one. A merchandising company purchases inventory items to resell to customers. The company buys from several vendors and provides a central purchasing point where customers can purchase everything in one stop. The customer benefits by making one convenient stop for all her needs. Inventory represents the primary asset of a merchandising company. The typical financial transactions of a merchandising company include purchasing inventory, storing the inventory and selling the inventory to...

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...Tontine, and Volley. With our headquarters in Melbourne, Pacific Brands has operations throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, China and Indonesia. The passion of our 5,000 employees is the driving force behind our success. Last financial year Pacific Brands generated sales of over $1.6 billion. Our participation in an extensive range of product categories, coupled with our strong and diversified customer network, underpin our position as a market leading supplier of everyday brands to the Australasian retail marketplace. We make in excess of 300,000 different products and sell over 200 million units per year. We leverage the benefits of our scale to increase efficiencies and generate innovation across the entire company. Ultimately, we seek to improve our speed to market and deliver quality products to our customers. Our brands have become iconic household names with the support of Australian sporting legends such as Sir Donald Bradman, Ken Rosewall, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Margaret Court and Mark Waugh. Current identities actively endorsing our brands include Sarah Murdoch, Pat Rafter, Kate Ceberano, Cathy Freeman and the Bondi Rescue boys. Pacific Brands is committed to creating products that meet the changing needs of consumers. We will innovate. We will excite. We will make more of the everyday...

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... Riordan Manufacturing Company is expanding the infrastructure by reducing the cost of their raw materials and entire finished products. The company has an old MRP Information System (IS) and this project we will provide an opportunity to upgrade the infrastructure that will be cost efficient in the way they track their inventory. Goal of the Project: The company would like to develop a new MRP to track and manage their raw material and finished products. This will reduce their cost throughout all companies and their plants. Business Objectives: * Accurately track and manage raw and finished products * Reduce inventory cost of raw and finished products * Improve MRP infrastructure The company would like to make sure that is feasible in developing a new MRP II System to ensure the company can track and manage their products and reduce the cost of materials. We will upgrade the company communication infrastructure. Limitation: * Financial – The project should not to exceed $750.000 * Time – Both systems need to be running at the same time until all the kinks are out of the system, so we will have 12 months to get it online. * Resources – The Company will bring in a third party technical analysis team to provide the expertise needed for the project. * Policies - They will provide new polices on the new system. Information Technology Requirement: The company will use a third party group to make sure...

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...Top companies of India that use diversity as one of their strengths: 1. Infosys The diversity team at Infosys focuses on propagating and promoting diversity and inclusivity among employees through ACTION which stands for: * Audit inclusivity and diversity levels * Create change agents * Train the managers * Initiate and implement alternate work models * Organize and assist affinity groups * Network with external bodies to benchmark practices Infosys Women Inclusivity Network (IWIN) promotes a gender-sensitive work environment. IWIN recognizes the unique aspirations and needs of women. It provides avenues for vocational, personal and psychological counsel to enable professional and personal development. Infosys won the first NASSCOM-India Today corporate award for excellence in gender inclusivity in 2007. Infosys actively seeks to hire and train persons with disabilities. In 2006 and 2007,Infosys BPO received the Helen Keller award for the best employer from the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP).Infosys announced an intake of 300 graduates from universities in the US in 2006 and about 25 from universities in the UK in 2007 as part of itscommitment to create a diversified workforce. The new employees will develop their engineering skills at Infosys Development Centers across India for six months before returning to Infosys offices in the US. 2. Google India Diversity is an essential component of the......

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