The Gods Must Be Crazy

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The Gods Must be Crazy; Overview and Criticize

In “The Gods Must be Crazy” they take the perspective of a simple Coke (glass) bottle form a tribe that has never seen such a thing. It shows a coke bottle thrown from a passing plane landing in a tribe. This coke bottle instantly seems to turn into a gift from the gods. Everyone in the tribe starts to fight over it and even use it as a weapon at one point. A tribe member is sent to throw it back to the gods. On his journey back he kills a goat, not knowing the meaning of “property”. He is put in jail where a man that used to be in his tribe saves him. He and his buddy then save Kate (the school teacher) from some guerillas and continue his journey to ”the end of the world”. He later gets to a cliff that may seem to him like the end of the world where he chucks the bottle and returns to his tribe.
This movie not only makes the tribal people seem ridiculous unintelligent it makes them seem clueless in a sense. They find a bottle and al of a sudden start to go mad. I did enjoy how dim some scenes are in this but this as about all I enjoyed. The lack of realism that the movie shows is a part that makes it seem as if it could never happen. Overall Jamie Uys (director, producer and writer) do not do a good job making the plot and story realistic enough for any of this to be…...

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