The Challenges of Online Education

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Education has always being one most important things in history, without it, people wouldn't been able to advance and evolve the way they have done, but as people evolve, their way of learning evolves too. The Internet, one of human’s greatest creations used to communicate and find information is a great way to teach and educate and this method is known as distance learning. Distance learning is a field of education that focuses on providing an instructional system capable of delivering a quality education to students who are not physically on-site. As with every new invention and the benefits they bring. challenges may come along too. This essay will talk about the challenges of online courses on education.

One of the challenges that online courses have to make a good impact on education is delivering quality courses that may equal or exceed the classic face-to-face courses and be accessible to some unusual students such as full time employees wishing to go back to school, students who wish to take summer courses while being at home or simply students who wants to get their degree online. (Suarez-Brown, Turner, Grice and Hankins, 1997). Is very important that Instructors learn to understand technology and know what tools are available to fully use the internet for a positive learning experience. For example, for face to face communication between students and instructors would videoconference programs such as Skype and Trillian, and for group gathering information that could simulate a classroom, they could use a program like Blackboard or Webtycho. Instructors can also use programs like Camtasia, a screen recording software, to do tutorials on the fly so students can understand and have a near real time experience and learn a task just like if the professor were teaching it in the classroom. (Suarez-Brown, Turner, Grice & Hankins, 98)

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