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Analysis of ted hughes poetry, and his life work. Along with sylvia plath's

The Issues that Happened behind Poetries in Contemporary Era

In this scientific work, I want to analyze four poems in the contemporary era. The works are: The seven sorrows condensed from Ted Hughes, at grass by Philip Larkin, September 1913 and the stolen child by William Butler Yeats. The four poetries that appeared in the 20th Century, From the beginning of 20th Century like William Butler Yeats till the middle of 20th Century like Ted Hughes and Philip Larkin. As we know that William Butler Yeats’s poetries existed in the First World War at that time, poets did a lot of experiments in writing their literary works. They concentrated more on technique in writing their literary works. Meanwhile, Philip Larkin and Ted Hughes created poem the World War II, whereas nowadays, poets, do not focus on confusing technique but more at content and meaning that is easier to be understood by the readers. Now, I want to analyze symbol in the poem related with the issue that happens to the real fact or the real situation at that time. Now, I want to analyze a poem titled “The Seven Sorrows” written by Ted Hughes. We can see from the first stanza namely, the word “autumn”, this word symbolizes sadness, probably sadness that is felt by the writer. In that stanza, I found a phrase “a brown poppy head”. This phrase symbolizes something that long drawn out that has not disappointed from its feeling.

In the second stanza, “empty feet” the feet there symbolized, step that means useless step. Then in the next line, “the woodland gold”, the word gold symbolizes wealth, prosperity, swanky. The sentence in the third line of this stanza, strengthen by these two phrases under this sentence “is folded in feathers” and” with its head in a bag”. These two phrases describe the…...

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