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I am seeking long-term employment in the technology field with a view to work on innovative projects that allow skill enhancement and career advancement. I am well-trained, innovative, and work well in groups or for more independent tasks. I am hard-working, learn quickly, and always up for a new challenge. Trained to install and maintain of MS operation system, MS office programs, cisco router configuration. I have 6+ years experience diagnosing and repairing problems with laptops, desktops, inkjet and laser printers, as well as CRT and LCD monitors, experienced with soldering station and other diagnostic equipment.

DIGITAL PRO COMPUTERS, January 2004 –Present TECH SUPERVISOR AND NETWORKING SUPPORT. COLUMBUS, OH  Co-owner involved in all aspects of the business such as advertising, customer service, repair, and inventory  Proficient in repairing desktop and laptop computers and troubleshooting SDA SYSTEM DATA ANALYST, August 2007- August 2009 TECHICIAN/ TEAM LEADER AND CISCO CONFIGURATION SUPPORT .COLUMBUS, OH  Repair various electronics such as ATM monitors, projectors, and computer screens  Training with CISCO routers DATA EXCHANGE,April 2003 - Nov 2005 LASER PRINTER TECH REPAIR. COLUMBUS, OH  Diagnose and repair problems with DELL, Lexmark laser and inkjet printers FAMILY COMPUTER, Jan 2000 – Jan 2002 CUSTOMER TECH AND SALES SUPPORT. COLUMBUS, OH  Purchase inventory  Repair, maintenance, and sales ENVIRONMENT CONTROL, November 2002 – February 2003 CONTROLER. COLUMBUS, OH  Surveillance and maintenance of assigned government buildings Q3 STAMPED METAL, September 1999 - September 2002 MACHINE OPERATOR AND PROGRAMMING. COLUMBUS, OH  program robots to make electrical components of GM cars…...

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