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TBI in Early Childhood: Impact of Early Intervention on Childhood Development

TBI in Early Childhood: Impact of Early Intervention on Childhood Development Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a growing concern for children in their preschool years. Children of young ages undergo many developmental changes during the ages of two through five. These changes are significant for their growth and maturity. They include cognitive, social, and behavioral development as well as development in executive functioning. Sustaining a traumatic brain injury during these years can pose as a direct risk of developmental deficits in any or all of these areas. After an extensive literature review, it was found that most of the previous research resulted in areas of consensus. These areas compare the how TBI severity and the age of the TBI effect developmental. Results from multiple studies show that the more sever the TBI, the more prevalent the developmental deficiencies (Gerrard-Morris, A., Taylor, H., Yeates, K., Walz, N., Stancin, T., Minich, N., & Wade, S., 2009; McKinlay, A., Grace, R., Horward, L., Fergusson, D., & MacFarlane, M., 2008; Morse, S., Haritou, F., Ong, K., Anderson, V., Catroppa, C., & Rosenfeld, J., 1999; Taylor, H., Swartwout, M., Yeates, K., Walz, N., Stancin, T., & Wade, S., 2008). It is also found that children injured in early childhood are more vulnerable to developmental deficits, According to Taylor et. al (2008), a younger age at the time of injury is a predictor of worse outcomes. Although many researchers in this field have shared the previous findings, there have also been gaps in research on the topic of childhood TBI and development. Certain discrepancies include effects of family characteristics on development following TBI, and effects of TBI on language performance. Previous research has included child and family demographic information when…...

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...functional disability or psychosocial impairments, or both, that adversely affects a child’s educational performance Heward, W. L. (2009). In other words TBI is known as something that is caused by physical force like a car accident or being thrown off something and striking your head on a hard object such as the ground. What are the characteristics of TBI? Some characteristics go unnoticed until someone walks or talks. After someone has TBI there problems might not be as severe. The textbook for this week’s assignment says that there are 1.5 million people in the United States that have TBI and 50,000 of these cases will result in death and 235,000 will be hospitalized. Again these are all based on the severity of one’s TBI. For some of the 1.5 million people with TBI they have to go to therapy and may have to learn how to walk all over again or have speech therapy services and learn how to speak all over again. This is where the characteristics of TBI often show up. What are some of the causes of TBI? As stated previously some causes could be results from a car crash or fallen off something and striking your head. Now there are lots of reported cases from our veterans returning from wars that have TBI. This is caused from road side bombs exploding and some of the war veterans that returned from Vietnam or Pearl Harbor were diagnosed with TBI simply because of the violence that they witnessed. Autism is one diagnosis that is so high in the United States. There are so......

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...6.5 million individuals live with consequences of TBI (National Institue of Health). In addition to the devastating effects on the families and friends of those injured due to cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral effects; TBIs are also responsible for significant economic cost to society. Annual societal economic impact of TBIs has been estimated at $60 billion. This cost accounts for 29% of the total cost of all injuries in the United States (Max, MacKenzie, & Rice, 1991). Even though the NIH considers the burden of disease when allocating funding, acute treatments for TBI are still limited to attempting to control intracranial pressure and optimizing cerebral perfusion to prevent further edema, inflammation and cell death, and chronic treatment is limited to motor, cognitive, and behavioral rehabilitation (Varmus, 1999). While these treatments are limited, there have been significant advancements made to recognition, acute care, and rehabilitative strategies. The improvements have lead to increased survival rates. The increased rate of survival, however, has resulted in more survivors with significant life-long motor, cognitive, and social impairments. Currently, no therapies aim to salvage, support, repair or replace the damaged tissue (Harting, et al., 2008). Congress has formed a brain injury task force, and there are currently many opportunities for federal funding relating to the treatment of TBI. Because there are no FDA approved therapies, the...

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...Abstract Background and Purpose: The impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI) on the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease (AD) is still controversial. The aim of our retrospective autopsy study was to assess the impact of TBE and ApoE allele frequency on the development of AD. Material and Methods: We examined 1. the incidence of AD pathology (Braak stageing, CERAD, NIA-Reagan Institute criteria) in 58 consecutive patients (mean age ± SD 77.0 ± 6.8 years) with residual closed TBI lesions, and 2. the frequency of TBI residuals in 57 age-matched autopsy proven AD cases. In both series, ApoE was evaluated from archival paraffin-embedded brain material. Results: 1. TBE series: 12.1 % showed definite and 10.3% probable AD (mean age 77.6 and 75.2 years), only 2/13 with ApoEε3/4. From 45 (77.6%) non-AD cases (mean age 78.2 years), 3 had ApoEε3/4. The prevalence of 22.4% AD in this small autopsy cohort was significantly higher than 3.3% in a recent large clinical series and 14% in the general population over age 70. 2. In the AD cohort with ApoEε4 allele frequency of 30% similar to other AD series, residuals of closed TBI were seen in 4 brains (7%) (mean age ± SD 78.2 ± 6.4), all lacking the ApoEε4 allele. TBI incidence was slightly lower than 8.5% in the clinical MIRAGE study. Conclusions: The results of this first retrospective autopsy study of TBI, ApoEε allele frequency, and AD confirm clinical studies suggesting severe TBI to be a risk factor for the development AD higher in......

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...Many of today’s troops are returning with two major disabilities caused by the war in Iraq, the silent epidemic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the signature injury of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). It is said that 1/3 of all Iraqi war veterans have some degree of PTSD and 1/5 returning service members report that they have experienced a possible Traumatic Brain Injury. Along with those numbers 1/10 reported of having both PTSD and TBI. These numbers are a low estimate because many go untreated and undocumented. PTSD is caused by a traumatic event such as combat where death, carnage, explosions, incoming fire, and more are visualized. Many service members say they do not seek treatment for psychological illness because they fear it will harm their careers. But even those who do seek help for PTSD, only about half receive treatment. TBI is caused when the head moves rapidly back and forth causing the brain to bounce off the sides of the skull; this then damages the tissue throughout the brain. This is caused by the mass amounts of blast endured in Iraq. Although the blast created by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) manufactured by insurgent forces in Iraq are similar to explosives of past wars, today's troops survive them at a much greater rate due to better armor and more rapid medical treatment. This leaves our military personel with invisible injuries from war. Medical treatment is both long and grueling for both......

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...signs and symptoms of different brain injuries and how they affect the human body and nervous system. We talked about the injuries that can happen to the temporal lobe of the brain, and the affects there of. We touched briefly on the injuries to the parietal lobe of the brain and how such injuries can occur. We finished by sharing some of the signs, symptoms and injuries related to the medulla oblongata. It’s still amazing how some of the most life altering tragedies that can happen in a person’s life are traumatic brain injuries. References http://www.brainandspinalcord.org/brain-injury/temporal-lobe.html www.emedicinehealth.com/anatomy_of_the_central_nervous_system/page2_em.htm www.biausa.org www.neurologychannel.com/tbi/symptoms.shtml...

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