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Balance sheet optimisation under Basel III
ING Investor Day Koos Timmermans Vice Chairman ING Bank

Amsterdam – 13 January 2012

1 2 3
Transition to Basel III Balance sheet optimisation Return on Equity

ING Investor Day - 13 January 2012


Strategy for the coming years is based on two phases
2012 End 2013 2015

Bank: Transition to Basel III
• Manage through the crisis • Limit B/S and RWA growth • Execute B/S optimisation • Invest where needed to achieve operational excellence • Further simplify the business portfolio and the organisation • Prudent approach to capital and funding given unstable market conditions

Bank Standalone
• Grow deposits across the bank

 

Basel III requirements met EC restructuring and Repayment of Dutch State complete

• Evolve ING Direct units towards mature business model using loans from Commercial Banking • Grow the franchise without growing the balance sheet • Resume dividend after restructuring and State repayment

ING Investor Day - 13 January 2012


ING has a good starting position to reach Basel III capital targets by 2013
Core Tier 1
6.5% 3Q08 9.6% 3Q11

• To be reached in 2013


• Strong continued capital generation and RWA containment • To be reached in 2013 • Further reduction via balance sheet optimisation • To be reached in 2015

Leverage ratio
57 3Q08 29 3Q11 ~90% 3Q11

< 25


> 100%

• Further optimising the investment portfolio • Implementation as of 2015 • Implementation expected as of 2018 • Uncertainty around definitions


> 100%

Excluding ING Direct US


ING Investor Day - 13 January 2012

Core Tier 1 target of >10% to be reached in 2013
1.0% -0.3% -0.8%





Sept. 2011 Divest- Basel 2.5 Basel III ments*

Capital 2013 Generation



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