Strenghts and Weaknesses to Communication

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The strengths of the communication cycle when talking to Mr Johnson is that because he isn’t always able to understand what you are saying to him, you are able to write things down and communicate in written language instead of spoken language. The weaknesses of the communication cycle is that Mr Johnson may feel weird, because he is being spoken to and communicated to in a different way to everybody else and he may start to get angry and annoyed and then just stop speaking and communicating to everybody.
The strengths in the interpreter for Mrs Iqbal is that she will be able to understand what her son is having done and why. She is able to bring a friend with her so she knows that she will be being told the correct information. The weaknesses of this could be that if the doctors have to get somebody in, they may charge Mrs Iqbal instead of them paying for it and she may think that she is not being told everything that she needs to know about what her son needs to have done.
The strengths of the cochlear implant and sign language is that Molly will be able to understand everything she is being told at school and will not be left behind in the work because she isn’t able to understand, due to the fact that she is deaf and not able to hear. The weaknesses is that sometimes it might be too loud and Molly will get annoyed that she isn’t able to understand what you are saying to her and you might have to take her to a quiet corner and understand, but then she might be behind in the work.
The strengths in the weekly multi-disciplinary meeting is that everybody is able to get together and talk about the care of the clients and how they should be treated and cared for when they are discharged. The weaknesses are that you might not be able to get everything across that you need to and your client might not have the right care that they need when they are…...

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