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The Strategic Planning Process
Grand Canyon University: EDA 586A
July 9, 2014

The Strategic Planning Process
Strategic planning is a process used to examine a district and/or school’s values and status in relation to its desired educational vision or goals. Strategic planning is a reaction to, and a tool for adapting to those changes and creating future goals within the context of the changes to be made. The analysis below will review one district’s capacity to direct the changes stakeholders believe are necessary to improve the students’ success.
Capacity to Change In the scenario presented the district’s capacity to change was apparent. Change requires members of the group to alter the current practice in an effort to improve. The first element that characterized the districts’ capacity to change was the fact that the superintendent was not the leader of the committee. She offered comments to the committee regarding district needs however she served as a regular committee member. This would allow members of the faculty and community to voice their concerns without feeling as if they must agree with the viewpoint or values of the superintendent.
Another indicator of the districts’ capacity to change based on this scenario was that the strategic planning committee consisted of a variety of stakeholders which might have been a change from past practices. Also, rules were established and agreed upon by all members ensuring they would keep an open mind throughout the process of developing the vision and plan. As well as after the vision was developed the committee director practiced full disclosure with the district board members and the community which means he was willing to make adjustments or changes as needed.
Concept of Change
The approach used to facilitate the needed changes for the strategic plan was through participatory leadership. Based on the…...

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