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In preparing report we thank the library manager of Dhaka Stock Exchange Mr. Attaur Rahman who supplied us with the “Monthly Review of DSE.”(A year end edition of 2003) and Library Manger of Security Exchange commission who assists us providing the information where we can collect required information. It was a great pleasure from our classmates from whom we received cordial guidance, suggestions for preparing this report specially our class representative who provided us information about the procedure in making this report. At last, we thank Officer-in-charge in Omar-Sultan Computer lab that provided us important tips in using various computer applications, software in preparing this report. We acknowledge the special assistance provided by Md. Masud Ahmed, System Engineer of ELB Cyber Cafe, Khilghon and Dhaka.

Executive Summary

In the report we have tried to show the application of the statistical tools upon the general index or all share index of DSE for the year 2003. To achieve the purpose, first of all we have collected the data for the year 2003. Then we have edited the data for the accuracy test. As we have collected the secondary data directly from the DSE the accuracy of the information is in a reasonable standard.

Then we have tried to show the application of the statistical tools which are presented in the body part of the report in different chapters. Those chapters contain Presentation of data, Measurement of central tendency, Measurement of dispersion & Major findings.

The body part is also supported by a up going methodology and proper graphs and charts when they are subject to the topic. Lastly, the report contains a appendix part that shows the list of tables and graphs which will facilitate the readers to find out those tables and graphs related to the…...

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