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Seminar in Psychology
Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

The Summer Research Opportunity Program allows undergraduate students who are without financial means, the opportunity of spending a summer to go to a research based university and work with a faculty member on a subject of research. The Summer Research Opportunity Program is eight weeks long during the summer months. During the summer students are allowed and expected to actively participate in the programs and activities supplied to them. Students will not only be conducting research but will also be going to classes, seminars, and other educational learning opportunities. Summer research opportunities are not limited to one institution but are a part of several research based universities in the country. Some institutions are celebrating 25 years of service from the summer research opportunity program. The SROP is not specifically for one branch of study but several scientific fields, such as social sciences and humanities, physical sciences, chemical and biological sciences, technology, math and engineering fields. Applying for this summer research opportunity will require me to have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, at least a completed course in Statistics, the status of rising junior or senior, and must be enrolled in a 4-year accredited college or university. Some Summer Research Opportunity Programs can count as a credit for your college courses, some may pay, and some may do all three. For students who are looking to get advanced degrees, such as Phd’s, this research program will be just the thing to buoy them and set them ahead of the crowd.


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