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Sport Sponsorship, Return on Investment?

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A study into the use of sponsorship as a marketing tool for sports organisations and its importance in the marketing communication mix

Ralph Cartwright


Over the last few decades, the viewing of sport has continued to gather attention and be targeted and integrated by marketers as a part of the communication mix for organisations and brands. Therefore, the aim of this research project is to analyse the effectiveness of sport Sponsorship for Companies as a marketing tool. Supported by examples the researcher will explore an array of factors concerning the issues facing companies that invest large amounts of money into sports events, teams and athletes hoping for a return on investment each year. This project will also inform the reader of the strategies of selection sponsors go through when identifying which team, athlete or event to choose based on their objectives and type of industry. From this information, the project will then identify the positives and negatives of sport sponsorship, as it is obvious that not all organisations will benefit from this type of communication tool. Various examples and case studies concerning sponsorship and organisations will be identified and examined throughout.

Contents Page
Chapter 1 – Introduction of Study 5
1.1 Background 5
1.2 Study Purpose 6
1.3 Study Objective 7
1.4 Study Structure 7
1.5 Rationale of the research 8

Chapter 2 - Literature Review 9
2.1 Literature Review Introduction 9
2.2.1 Sport Marketing 9
2.2.2 Sport Sponsorship and Marketing Communications 10
2.2.3 Media effects in commercial sponsorship 10
2.2.4 Sports Sponsorship of Successful Strategies 11
2.3 The Emergence of Sponsorship and Sports Marketing 11
2.3.1 Sports Sponsorship the future 12
2.4 History of Corporate Sponsorship 13

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