Spelling Deficiency

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Action Research In English

Spelling Deficiency

Jonalyn Y. Vitorillo Kristene Merie B. Danduan Carla Saragoza
Sheena Marie Juntilo Jorama D. Bato
Ethel P. Dekit Kirby P. Cosep
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Mrs. Eleine Q. Alipao
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Spelling is seen as an indication of status and education. Those who are not good at spelling often feel embarrassed about their lack of skill and are unhappy about allowing others to see what 3 they have written. As a result, they may be reluctant to write at all. Since spelling is only necessary as part of writing, any instructor who has students write in his/her class is helping students develop their spelling .For in order to develop spelling, Pupils must be involved in an active writing program in all areas of the curriculum, not just spelling. Therefore, it is crucial that spelling development is not perceived to be developed solely in an English class. This research would also be of benefit to other researchers since "Current research has challenged the traditional notion that spelling must be taught in a rote manner focusing on memorization of the sounds of letters. This study examines the spelling development of adult learners and Grade 7 children. The study investigates this central question: Does the spelling development of adult learners differ from that of Grade 7 children? It also addresses sub questions about spelling development and its association…...

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