Space Travel Activity

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Space Travel Activity

Name :James Foreman

Course: ASTR100

Date: 06/20/2014

Space travel is one of the most urgent problems of modern civilization. Although the knowledge of people about traveling into the space is rooted in the history, the actual space traveling became possible only in the 20th century with the development of rocket technology. Undoubtedly, space travel is not a country picnic. Moderate temperature and atmospheric pressure fluctuations seem natural for us. However, in deep space humans will have to face the fact that most of the universe is in a state of chaos and there are deadly radiation belts and meteor swarms.

The first problem of a long space travel to be solved is weightlessness. Conducted long-term studies of weightlessness have shown that the human body in space loses minerals necessary for life and chemicals much faster than expected. Even a tough program of physical exercise cannot save the situation: after a year on the space station astronauts bones and muscles atrophy so that when they return to Earth, they are only able to crawl like infants. It seems that the logical consequences of a prolonged staying in weightlessness during space flight are muscle atrophy, deterioration of the locomotor system, reducing the production of red blood cells, decreasing immune response, weakening cardiovascular activity. Flight to Mars, which can last from several months to a year, is located on the edge of the boundary endurance of the astronauts. On long flights to the nearby stars, this problem can be fatal (Davis).

The second problem is that because of the presence of meteorites in space, moving at speeds of tens of kilometers per second may need to equip…...

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