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I am XXXXX, a production engineering graduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, aiming for graduate studies in the US who foresee myself as a top class specialist in the field of manufacturing systems which is my final goal.

My education in Production Engineering was an eye-opener to say the least. When I secured admission to one of the most competitive and rigorous engineering programs in Sri Lanka, I had a structured view of what I might do here. But I found Production Engineering even more interesting and challenging than I had ever imagined. Right from the second year, I took deep interest in the core concepts underlying every phenomenon. Above all, my collective experiences at this college have helped me to define my career goals while my hard work as an undergraduate has reaped the full benefits by graduating with an upper second class honors.

Being well aware that my curriculum has equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical aspects only and also knowing its limitations, I took my own steps in applying this theory by gaining practical experience. I could thus achieve a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge by working in companies both local and overseas. My first step was on the specialized field of garment manufacturing with MAS Active-Linea Intimo Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of MAS Holdings Limited, the largest apparel exporter in Sri Lanka.

During my stay at MAS Active-Linea Intimo, South Asia’s one and only seamless apparel manufacturing facility catering world class customers like NIKE, adidas, Victoria Secret and etc…, I got the opportunity to expose extensively in process improvements and related projects. Thus, I have been able to enhance my knowledge in the areas of production optimization methods and attached engineering issues. The most interesting and important project…...

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