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Project Synopsis

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Database and Service oriented framework for supporting / powering large volume of data

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Web Services

Location of Implementation Sardar Patel Institute of Technology,
Munshi Nagar, Andheri(W),
Mumbai-400 058 Mumbai-400 058

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Project Description
This project is aimed at efficient accessing of a service oriented framework for supporting a voluminous database. This database is a large media database which would provide the client with media files using these framework services. The performance of these services is improved by adding caching mechanism to the system.

Languages Used
C, Memcache utility & library, PHP.


Nowadays, efficacious accessibility of data stored in large databases is a major aspect of any system which needs to access data stored in such databases especially over the web. In this project report, we first study an existing service oriented framework for supporting a voluminous database created by Mime360. This database is a large media database which would provide the client with media files using these framework services.
The main purpose of this system is to provide accessibility to media files efficiently and only to the authorized users. One of the major quirks in this proposed system is its caching mechanism that will improve the performance of the existing framework.
In this report, we demonstrate the services provided by the system and the type of architecture suitable for such a system i.e. the service oriented architecture. We also illustrate the critical…...

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