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It took me awhile to decipher through the many articles involving issues of social development in adulthood. I chose to use the article of social relationships because it not only goes into depth about the topic at hand but it also looks into different theories used in accordance with relationships and social development. I chose the topic of relationships because I feel this has a major impact on how adults develop socially, and it spikes my interest to know what to expect in relationships when aging. We learn from those around use growing up how to interact in a relationship. We watch our parents, teachers, and other adult role models. If given the opportunity I would in fact write a research paper using this article. It gives substantive information on how relationships are in relation with aging. In the article that I have chosen it states that “Close emotional ties are relatively stable until late in life, whereas peripheral (i.e., not close) social relationships are preferably discontinued.” To me this means that one should began to develop and learn to maintain a healthy relationship early on so that as they begin to age and develop socially that he or she can continue to prosper in his or her healthy relationship.
Throughout the article was talk about different studies that were performed in an effort to research and study the impact of relationships and social development. It was mentioned that at the at the expense of social interaction may cause regulatory efforts of the older individual. An example they gave was “when experiencing hearing loss, individuals may have to invest more attention when listening to their partner.” It states that social interactions may be experienced as more strenuous when individuals experience cognitive or sensory decline. After reading this it made complete sense, I mean how can one maintain healthy conversation if they cannot even hear each other.…...

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