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SMS Model, a Service Management System

The SMS model is invented by Richard Norman and it illustrates a Service Management System consisting of five elements closely connected together. None of the elements can be viewed uniquely. You may even consider the arrows as glue. However, for the sole purpose of explaining each of the elements they are separated below. Service Management System by Richard Norman (1972) John Wiley & Sons, edition 1 page 58

The Market Segment: Consists of both existing customers and potential customers.

The Service Concept: Are the benefits (service package) offered to the client as well as the efforts of how benefits are designed, marketed, delivered and perceived both by the client, by the employee and by others.

The Image: The information tool whereby management can influence staff, clients and other stakeholders.

The Culture and Philosophy: Are the overall principles of how the social process leading to the delivery of the service benefits are controlled, maintained and developed long term.

The Delivery System: Is a triad consisting of personnel, client and the technical and physical support. * Personnel: As a service is co-produced together with the client, the personnel’s appearance, education, training and attitude matter greatly to the quality of the entire service.

* Client: Equally as the client contributes to the service they are receiving their role is vital to the quality of the outcome.

* Physical Support: All the equipment to help serve. Examples are especially hard and software components and their infrastructure; but also sufficient stationary, space and furniture and their…...

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