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3. Write a short note on food safety act 1995? List some of the risks, penalties and consequences of not complying with food safety legislation. Answer: The purpose of the Act is to ensure the purity of food sold. Local councils and the Department of Health & Human Services administer the Act. Under the Act, food business owners are legally responsible to ensure that food sold to customers is safe and suitable to eat.

5. Which are different areas covered under intellectual property? Describe one business activity that breaches copyright legislation. Answer: Intellectual property is a property that is owned by an individual or an organization which can then choose to share it freely or to control its use in certain ways. It can be an invention, a trade mark, a design or the practical application of your idea, literary and artistic creation, invention, brand name, design, logo, name, image and copyright. If you or your employees engage in any of the information-sharing activities without permission then you may be in breach of copyright legislation. For example: using the other business logo without permission in your business.

6. Write a short note on liquor law (Liquor Reform Act) Name some practices prohibited under RSA. Answer: Liquor law of Australia regulate the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The Liquor Reform Act is the primary piece of legislation regulating the supply and consumption of liquor. Practices prohibited under RSA are: not to serve the customers under 18, purchasing on behalf of minor (under 18), intoxicated customers and customers affected by other drugs.

7. List five sources of information you can use to update legal knowledge? Answer: Appointing a legal advisor, joining a trade organisation, participating in trade shows and conferences, face to face networking and online sources like Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn,…...

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