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Similarity is what I felt when I was viewing the film “Bordertown”. The reason why is because the film follows a Mexican American and his struggles in the United States. Like the main character I too am an American Citizen and feel that in this country I am viewed as a Mexican first, rather than an American. Also like Johnny Ramirez I am the first in my family to go to college and in the Latin community education is regarded as a priced commodity. The reason why education is highly valued is because most Mexicans in Mexico and in the United States do not make it to a College level education. As someone who is Mexican American there is even more pressure because most of our parents migrated to the United States so that we their children can have the opportunity of education. But when we do get there our eyes our open to another world the world where we are the minority in numbers and this feeling is rare. Especially because we are a pack and the pack does not leave anyone behind but the education we receive ends up separating us from the pack. We no longer fit in our environment but we also do not fit in the Caucasian environment. It is very easily to be consumed with the concept that the only way to succeed in a professional level as a minority is to turn our back on our family. We have now experienced a new world where money is highly valued as a symbol of success. So while we were growing up and being pushed to be successful no one ever told us the difference between money and success. Perception becomes the next form of pressure because in a higher level of a professional environment money is all around but as someone who has never experienced this they can easily fall into the trap of money is everything and it makes me who I am. This perception is the struggle that the main character Johnny Ramirez endures in “Bordertown”. The first moment where the viewer…...

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